FIFA 23 Web App Release Day
A Day To Forget For EA

The Web App Is Currently Down...

The web app was supposed to be launched at 6pm last night but didn't go live until nearer 7pm, the app has now gone down with many users facing the screen below, once servers are back up, you should have access to your club! 

The Transfer List Limited To 30 Cards...

This may not be a glitch and most likely something EA have added BUT there is a way to list more in one listing! 

How to list more than 30 item's

  1. Open Webapp by Right Mouse Clicking on web page and 'Inspect'
  2. Click 'More Tabs'
  3. Click 'Console'
  4. Write 'services.User.maxAllowedAuctions=100'
  5. Press 'enter'
  6. Close the 'Inspect' window, NOT the web app
  7. Now you will be able to list up to 100 cards

Please note, this may be against EA's ToS so try at your own risk! For pictures check out Zinhja's Twitter.

Complete the Transfer List Objectives by buying 7 cards instead of 100!

Late last night a glitch was found that allowed you to complete the 'Purchase Power' and the 'Transfer List' objective.

To complete both you must buy 100 players and then sell allowing you to redeem an untradeable Gold Players Pack and a Premium Electrum Players Pack.

However, for each Gold Contract / Goal Song bought, it counts as 15 players bought towards this objective!