How Transfers Make You Rich!

FIFA 23 Millionaire #15

What happened?
On September 28th in 2021 Steven Nzonzi transferred from Roma to Al-Rayyan SC in Qatar, therefore his Roma card went out of packs and started to rise, 1 month later he was 4k...3 months later he was 8k.

Why did it work?
FIFA 22 was released on the 27th of September, one day before the transfer. This means in the original database, Nzonzi was included as a Roma player and available in packs (it usually takes EA a bit to take players out of the game).

After about 2 weeks he was taken out of packs, the cards that were already in the game didnt get deleted and continued to exist, therefore able to be listed on the transfer market like any other card.
In short this means, the gold Roma card of Nzonzi had no more supply, because of his nation (French) and League (Serie A) he was still very popular for the advanced SBCs, meaning he still had high demand, people submitted him into SBC's/Discarding him, reducing the supply too. 

No Supply + High Demand = Price goes up

What can we learn from it from FIFA 23?
- As soon as the full database gets released, look for players that are still at their old clubs and should go out of packs soon
- Focus on the cards with top nation and league combinations.
- Players that have moved to a club that isn't in FIFA.
- Stay away from players that make moves in the same league.
- Invest in them as long as they are in packs and cheap (due to the fact it is a much lower risk).
- Only invest if you have patience, it can take a while until the card disappears from packs.
- Sell whenever you are happy with the profit.
- Even after the game comes out, there will still be new transfers as some countries still have an open transfer window, keep an eye on these transfers too.

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