How Vardy Made Hawk's Extinct

FUT Millionaire #13

What happened?
After the release of Player of the Month Vardy in November, the Hawk Chemistry Style went from 1.4k to being extinct at 5k in only one hour.

Why Did It Work?
The SBC was released very early on in the FIFA cycle and he was very popular due to the fact he was extremely cheap and had fantastic stats. A lot of players completed his SBC and put them into their squads. To get the boost his stats, a good chemistry style was required.

Hawk is a highly used chemistry style for strikers and especially for players like Vardy. It gives him 99 pace and boosts the  the important shooting stats (finishing, positioning and shot power) whilst giving  a solid boost on physical. Therefore the demand on Hawks was very high which lead to the supply shortage.

What can we learn from it for FIFA 23?
Hawks are not the only chemistry styles that rise when new players get released. Hunter are also affected by the release of a new striker. Anchor and Shadow chemistry styles normally rise with the release of a new good defender.

Keep this in mind when a very popular and cheap SBC drops...