FIFA 23 Fantasy FUT And All We Know So Far

By Levelled Up

loading screen fantasy fut fifa23

What Is The Fantasy FUT Promo? 

In EA's own words 'every performance counts' in the Fantasy FUT promo. 

'Fantasy FUT brings a new dimension of live, dynamic item to FUT 23, with big initial boosts and - starting March 17th - the chance for players to earn up to +4 OVR upgrades based on their individual contributions.'

This is arguably one of the most exciting promos outside of FUT Birthday and ToTY/ToTS and with some of the new changes, it will be bigger and better than ever!

How Will The Upgrades Work?

The most interesting change about the upgrade system this year is that Heroes will feature in this promo. 

The Heroes upgrade system is slightly different from the promo cards, both are shown below. 

These Heroes upgrades are:

  • +1 rating for 1 win in the next 6 games
  • +1 rating for avoiding defeat in the next 6 games

These promo card upgrades are:

  • +1 rating for 1 win in the next 6 games
  • +1 rating for 3 appearances in the next 6 games
  • +1 rating for 2 goal/assist for Attackers/Midfielders
  • +1 rating for 1 clean sheet for Defenders/Goalkeepers in the next 5 games
  • +1 rating (+3 new traits) for avoiding defeat in the next 6 games

Which Cards Are Expected To Be Included In The Team? 

It has been confirmed as a two week promo . 

Some Heroes that are in the promo have already been leaked, the current ones confirmed are: 

  • 92 David Ginola
  • 89 Iván Córdoba
  • 91 Abedi Pelé
  • 90 Capdevila
  • 90 Harry Kewell

Which Players Should You Buy?  

As we do not currently know the players, we cannot accurately tell you prices yet. 

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