Bronze Pack Method

Bronze Pack Method Guide

What Is The 'Bronze Pack Method'? 

The Bronze Pack Method is a really easy starting trading method and doesnt require a large coin balance to get started (around 20,000 coins should suffice). 

To Get Started 

Follow these steps:

1) Open a Bronze Pack.

2) Check what each card is worth
You will be able to work out what certain cards are worth after a short while.

3) Store any players that do not sell
These will be the cards that you list a few times and do not sell, explanation will come later as to why you shouldn't quick sell.

4) Compare Price for all Manager Items
Some Managers instasell for maximum price, they are usually nationalities that help with chemistry, e.g. Brazillian managers are currently extinct on the transfer market (at the time this was written)

5) Contracts, Badges & other items 
Contracts are worth storing, they are only worth 3 coins so aren't really worth selling, for other items it is worth comparing price but most are worth quick selling.
Pro Tip: Use the Web App to add contracts as they can be added much quicker than on console.

6) Repeat
Make sure you are utilising every spot on your transfer list.

How To Use BPM Effectively?

The Bronze Pack Method is quite slow for sales at the start of each FIFA, this is mainly due to the fact there is no real demand at the beginning of the game for them. 

The reason for this is that most players will not use them in their team and they are not required for Squad Building Challenges (SBC's), one of the main drivers for bronze player requirements are League SBC's. These are specific league themed SBC's.

In the past each club within a league had it's own section in the SBC, some clubs didn't have 11 Gold players and therefore Silver and Bronze players were required, due to the requirements Bronze prices rose. 

This happened in FIFA 23 to Sudamericana/Libertadores cards due to their need in the Winter League Upgrade SBC. 

The max player quality allowed was Silver. This drove up their price to ~2,000 coins. Meaning if you packed one you would instantly make over 1,000 coins on that pack alone. 
Pro Tip: You can pack a Promo/Team of the week card if the players base card is Bronze. These players can be worth over 10,000 coins!

Oviedo's World Cup Path To Glory Card sold for a minimum price was 10,500 coins

Mccarthy's Silver Team of the Week Card sold for a minimum price was 5,200 coins

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