Chem Style Trading

What is Chem Style Trading?

Throughout almost every single edition of FIFA there have been two chemistry styles that are more expensive than the others, they are the HUNTER and SHADOW chem styles.

The main reason that the price is higher than the others is that the HUNTER chem style boosts the most important stats for attacking players (Pace and Shooting) and SHADOW for defenders (Pace and Defending).

This method is about using Chemistry styles to make a profit.

Why Does This Method Work?

  1. Due to the cost of the HUNTER/SHADOW cards, people will pay a premium if they are already added.

  2. Players are more likely to buy the card with the chem style on rather than buy both the card and the chem style even if it is cheaper.

  3. When listing cards, some forget the value of these chem styles and undercut the lowest priced card on the transfer market.

  4. Most of the advised cards used with this method are out of packs special cards, so it is one of the safer methods unless we get a market crash or EA put the special cards back in packs (such as packs containing past promo/Team of The Week cards.

What Budget Do I Need?

This method works better when you can list more cards, listing 50 cards will get more sales per hour than 5, therefore we recommend having a budget of at least 250,000 coins to start. 

Similar to the Icon trading method the key is knowing the prices of as many cards as possible.

Remember: Keep relisting your transfer list as often as possible, card prices will fluctuate throughout the day.

Which Cards Should I Use?

You will want to focus on special cards that are useable in game, a CB that has a SHADOW chem style but a very low pace stat is going to have a very low demand, This is due to the fact there won't be many who will want to use him to play with and if they are to be used for an SBC, chem styles aren't important.

Looking at the cards below, José Fonte has an overall Pace stat of 31 (This is very low), even when boosted with a SHADOW, he is far too slow to use in game, therefore making him harder to sell. The concept to successfully trading is to sell as many cards are quickly as possible.

Here are some examples of cards we have used previously (Dependent on the stage of the game, these may no longer be cards that are deemed 'useable', if you require any trading advice, feel free to ask in the Trading Discord

The first two examples are in forms that are close to their discard price, these should return a small profit of around 1-2,000 per card. In examples 3 and 4 there is a much larger chance of getting big undercuts being listed. (cards that are listed for well below the normal buy price).

How To Learn Prices?

Each card's price can be found on FUTBIN. the main targets to look for will be attacking players with HUNTERS and defensive players with SHADOWS.

Once you are comfortable with a card's price, look for undercuts for and sell for a profit.

Every card will have a value with and without a HUNTER/SHADOW some cards will have a bigger difference where you can buy it for its normal price with a HUNTER and sell it for a profit.

Some do not have a big enough price margin to get quick sales, so will require you to snipe a card that is listed below the usual market price, for example:

In this example the cheapest Toney with a HUNTER is listed for 21,500, there isn't premium being paid for them.

a good buy price would therefore be around 20k and to sell for ~22-23k giving ~1k profit per card.

Remember: The risk is very low due to the fact that out of pack cards prices do not fluctuate massively unless a similar card is released, a general market crash happens or EA decide to put the cards back in packs.

How Can I Use Sniping Filters Effectively?

It is possible to use the transfer market filters to only show one card but it is very restrictive and inefficient, you will therefore miss out on a lot of deals.
With time it is possible to navigate prices and the daily fluctuations like a pro, you will learn how much you can add to a card's listing price and not reduce the amount of sales, it shares a characteristic with the OP selling methodsome cards are more appealing to 'lazy buyers' and are therefore more likely to sell than others and with a larger profit.

When creating a filter, make sure to use both the HUNTER and SHADOW chem filter, If the filter you are using takes too long to get to the 59th minute,  amend the buy now/bid prices

Once you have learnt the prices of cards, it may also be worth mass bidding, you will regularly be able to pick up players for cheaper than their market price.