Position Change Trading

What Is The 'Position Change Trading Method'? 

The Position Change trading method is where you use a position modifier card to change the players position in order to sell him for more, this method can be done in a few different ways but the main concept is to find players with large price differences between their base position and one that they can be changed to.

For example: Julian Lelieveld has a base card that is RWB (The position he has when he comes out of packs).  When sold as a RWB he sells for 200 coins, when converted to a RB card, he sold for 3k regularly when the Premium Winter League SBC was released. 

Armed with this information, there are two ways that you can now make a quick profit. 

  • Snipe the RB for as cheap as possible, some people will not realise and list for the price of the RWB version
  • Buy a RWB version for ~200 coins and use a position change token (currently 900 coins) to convert him to a RB and sell for 3k.

Some OP sales from our Discord members

How To Find The Best Cards For This Method?

The best cards for this method are cards needed for SBC's in rare positions or a base position that isn't one of the more used positions. (Positions like RWB, LWB etc.)

Top Tips

Don’t buy lots of one type of card
Check the position changed versions price before buying
Try to buy position change modifiers when there is supply 
Re-list as often as possible. More relists 🡲 More sales 🡲 More profit 
Players may not get sold for couple days but with the right SBC multiple will sell
✅If lots of cards are selling, you can list the cards up for slightly over minimum price.