Daily Flipping Guide

What Is The Daily Flipping Method? 

The concept is very simple, it is to buy cards that you will be able to sell quickly and then to re-buy (to 'flip' them for a quick profit)

What Do You Have To Know?

The price of most cards fluctuate pretty much every day. The idea behind this method is to buy them at their lowest point and sell them at their highest point. The question gets asked regularly "How do you work out the perfect time every day to buy and sell" It is unfortunately a question that no trader knows the answer to. The question should be "What is the target price I should look to buy and sell at"

For example: Team of the Week Marcos Alonso was an amazing card to flip in FIFA 20. He would regularly fluctuate between 18k and 24k on a daily basis.

Marcos Alonso was a great example of a card to flip in FIFA 20.

Whenever his price was 18k or lower he was worth purchasing, throughout the day his price would rise and fall (potentially more chances to buy throughout the day.) At some point later in the day he would hit 23-24k and would be sold giving a healthy profit. 

How To Start?

Start with a small pool of players, a maximum of three players, the idea is to choose players that are popular, not too expensive and to start with, special cards that are not in packs, you can trade with special cards that are in packs but due to their larger price fluctuations, they are also a lot more risky. 

You can use the FUTBIN filters on the players page to find popular and cards within your budget to target. 

You can use FUTBIN to help with deciding on the players to use, for example, the filters below should help find the right players for a budget of at least 500,000 coins. 

The filters are:

  • All Informs
  • Budget 20-50k
  • Ranked in order of Popularity

We will use Moise Kean as he fits all of our criteria and is the most popular on FUTBIN (due to how META he is in game). Below are graphs for the last 4 days price movements for the card.

His highest price over the period is 32,000 and the low being 25,500. He hits 26,000 coins on a regular basis so that would be our buy price and his sell price would be around 30,000 coins.

So for example. if we use those values to calculate our net profit:

Sale Price: (30,000 less 5% tax) is 28,500 less purchase cost of 26,000 leaves a profit of 2,500 (9.6%) profit per card

As soon as you have chosen a few cards that you wish to trade with, you can then start to buy and sell them.

Once you are comfortable trading with these players you can start to add more. 

As always, if you are serious about learning to trade, you can do with the support of our fantastic traders in the Premium section of the Discord. 

What Else Is Important?

  • Don’t put too much of your budget into one player, make sure that you buy at least two or three different players and that you have the budget to buy 3-5 of each card. It is advisable to choose players that are roughly the same price.
  • It works with almost every special card and it’s always the same process.
  • Remember to always factor in the 5% sales tax, the more expensive the player is, the more tax you have to pay.
  • Big SBC's and promo packs can cause a massive panic on the market and therefore prices can fall, it is safer to sell these cards before 6pm content or buy back an hour after where you can pick up some deals.