FIFA 23 Abbreviation and Acronym List

BPM - Bronze Pack Method

SBC - Squad Building Challenge

Base Icon - The lowest rated version of the Icon available
Bid - To put a bid on a players card as opposed to buying it now, people can still outbid you on a card. 

BIN - Buy It Now

BPM - Bronze Pack Method

Chem - Chemistry

Common - A card type

Demand - How much a player is wanted, e.g. 'MbappĂ© is a player with high demand'

Discard - The lowest price that a player can be listed on the transfer market for

DR - Division Rivals

Fodder - The cheapest card for that rating/discard value

FUT - FIFA Ultimate Team

Hybrid - A team built from two leagues

IF - In Form/ Team of the Week card

k - Thousand

Loyalty - This was with regards to the old chemistry system, a player would get +1 (used to be out of 10 chem) to their chemistry if they were first owner cards or had played 10 games for your club
LR - Lightning Rounds (Promotions with special promotional packs that have a limited amount and are usually available for an hour)

m - million

Mass Bid - When you bid on a lot of players at once

MAX -  Maximum

Mid Icon - The second lowest rated Icon

MIN - Minimum

MM - Marquee Matchups

MoTM - Man of the Match

OOP - Out of packs

OTW - Ones To Watch

OVR - Overall

PoTM - Player of the Month

Prime Icon - The third lowest rated Icon

Rare A card type

ROI - Return on investment

SB - Squad Battles

SBC - Squad Building Challenge

SIF - Second In Form/ Team of the Week

Snipe - When you use a filter to pick up cards quickly with Buy It Now
Supply - The amount of cards on the market (During Lightning Rounds, card supply is higher than usual)

TIF - Third In Form

TOTGS - Team of the Group Stage

ToTS - Team of the Season

TOTY - Team of the Year

WL - Weekend League