Bundesliga TOTS Objectives!

The Bundesliga TOTS has started with some exciting riddles to find answers to!

We have uncovered them all for you!

Bundesliga Team of the season objectives

There are seven segments to complete and can be completed in Squad Battles (min. Semi Pro), Rivals or FUT Champs mode!

What Are The Requirements?

Sting Like A Bee 

Win 8 games with 4 Dortmund Players in your Starting XI.

Reward: Eight Bundesliga Pack (Untradeable)

Celebration At Mewa [XP]

Score a Hat-trick with an Austrian Bundesliga player.

Reward: 2500 XP

Bavarian Victory [XP]

Score 6 goals in one game with a Bayern player.

Reward: 2500 XP

Terrific Tie

Score 3 goals with RB Leipzig players.

Reward: 11 81+ Bundesliga Pack

Relegation Battle 

Score and win with a Hertha Berlin player.

Reward: 2500 XP

Top 5

Play 10 games with 2 players from each of the following clubs:
Borussia Dortmund
Union Berlin
RB Leipzig

Reward: 89 Gerd Muller

Iron Strength

Score two and win with Union Berlin players.

Reward: 90 Rated ToTS Doekhi

How To Complete as efficiently as possible?

  • The Top 5 objective is the longers to complete needing 10 games.
  • Sting Like A Bee requires that you to have four Dortmund players in your starting XI, as you only require 4 Dortmund players you can complete the rest in these 8 games!

Then all that is left is to redeem your shiny new card 😍

Bundesliga TOTS Thuram