The Best of Bundesliga TOTS Revealed

The Bundesliga season has been nothing short of spectacular, and with its conclusion comes the highly anticipated release of the new Bundesliga TOTS, showcasing the standout performances of the season. In this comprehensive review, we will take a closer look at the newly released players, evaluating them based on their cost, usability, and overall impact on the pitch. Without further ado, let’s dive into the FIFA 23 Bundesliga Team of the Season and uncover which players are truly indispensable for your ultimate squad.

Bundesliga TOTS Review

Jude Bellingham – 97:

We all expected Bellingham to be in the lineup with all that he’s done for Dortmund (AT 19 years old, mind you), but my oh my does that card look crazy. +2 across the board with +3 Defending compared to his TOTY with a 5* WF upgrade. Can you believe that? Just wow. It’s a minor upgrade, but it boosted his face stats to all 90, which is the first card this FIFA to have those stats. His TOTY card was the best midfielder in the game, so I expect this version to be VERY expensive. However, it’ll be worth every single coin knowing you’re secure in the midfield.

10/10, mind-blowing card.

Jamal Musiala – 97:

Wow, two midfielders rated 97 with some insane stats. Bundesliga teams this weekend are going to be ridiculously good. Compared to his Future Stars, he’s been given +7 Pace, +4 Shooting/Dribbling, +6 Passing/Defending, and +11 Physicality! Now, I personally have tried his Future Stars card out and it was very underwhelming. Lack of strength and average defending were the main factors. However, with his TOTS, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Musiala will definitely be a very pacey box-to-box midfielder with some fluid dribbling, and just imagine: Him paired alongside Bellingham will be unstoppable.

10/10, amazing upgrade, a top midfielder in the game.

Joshua Kimmich – 96:

What a season for him in Bayern, and this card definitely shows. Compared to his WW version, he’s been given a +8 in Pace/Passing, +7 in Defending, and +9 in Physicality with no upgrade to Shooting and -7 in Dribbling (WW featured stat). This is definitely an elite-level CDM, and is just perfect in every way (definitely not being biased since I packed him).

10/10, just handing out 10s at this point.

Matthijs de Ligt – 96:

Yet another Bayern card, and they’re all well-deserved, considering how they’re still on top of the league (although Dortmund’s right behind them). Compared to his Ones to Watch, he’s received +8 Pace, +3 Shooting, +4 in Defending/Physicality, +7 in Dribbling, and a major +12 Passing upgrade. What a card. Definitely looks very pacey in addition to having top defending and physicality with great passing. Yet another win for the Bundesliga TOTS, wow.

10/10, lovely dynamic, lovely stats, lovely everything.

Christopher Nkunku – 95:

Honestly, don’t need to say much about Nkunku. Great season for Leipzig, but an even better TOTS card. Compared to his P2G, he’s been given +3 in Pace/Passing/Dribbling/Defending with +4 Shooting & +5 Physicality. For sure, this card is going to be very expensive considering how he plays in-game and is definitely perfect in any position.

10/10, definition of immaculate.

Moussa Diaby – 94:

What a beautiful card, definitely deserved for the amazing run he’s had both in the Europa League and the Bundesliga. Compared to his UEL RTTF, he’s received a 5* SM upgrade with only 3* WF, and +4 across the board (+18 in FK Accuracy, not that that matters). The 3* weak foot is a bit of a disappointment, but it is still a hell of a card. Top-tier dribbling and pace, with above-average shooting and passing is beautiful. That’s really all you need for a winger. He’ll definitely be a great addition to your team if you’re looking for someone with those requisites.

9/10, -1 for the weak foot; other than that, serene.

Julian Brandt – 93:

Seems like Brandt’s been given an Arsenal-type rating. Why am I saying this? He’s probably been one of the top 10, arguably top 5 players in the league and won POTM twice. Anyways… Compared to his 89 POTM, he’s been given +6 in Physicality and +4 everywhere else (+16 in Penalties). Pace seems to be a bit average, but other than that, great option as a CAM with great dribbling, passing, and shooting. Definitely try Brandt out if you’re looking for a bit of fun.

7/10. The disrespect on Julian Brandt.

Gregor Kobel – 92:

Great season for Kobel, but as with all GKs in this game, it’s a hit or miss. 81 reactions is okay, and compared to his 87 IF, he’s been given +5/+6 across the board. His height is ideal for a GK, but if you’re looking for a meta goalie, this is not a good option. Good for links, yes, but other than that, meh.

7/10, sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe ****.

Jeremie Frimpong – 92:

His Phenoms SBC was such a beast, so good defensively, and was very explosive. I expect his TOTS version to be the same. Compared to his Phenoms card, he’s been given +3 Pace, +14 Shooting, +7 Passing (+16 in Long Passing), +9 Dribbling (+12 Reactions/+18 Composure), +5/+6 in Defending/Physicality respectively. If you’re in need of a pacey RB for your Bundesliga team, he’s a great option. Strength is lacking a little, but his massively boosted stats make up for it.

9/10, amazing RB.

Alphonso Davies – 92:

A Davies card! It’s finally here! Kinda surprising since he’s had an average season and Raphael Guerreiro was miles better, but he’s here nonetheless. Compared to his TOTY HM, he’s received +2 Pace, +6 Shooting/Passing, and +4 Dribbling (+9 Composure)/Defending/Physicality. Davies has always been a meta fullback, but this card seems to be a bit underwhelming in terms of defending and physicality. He looks a bit more offensive-minded with the upgrade in 5* SM, and great passing and dribbling. If you’re looking to play him in the CM role, that’s a great option to optimize his card.

8/10, Defending/Physicality is pretty average, but great overall.

Niclas Fullkrug – 92:

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen much of this team to give an analysis of Fullkrug, but since he’s in the TOTS lineup, I assume he’s been great. Compared to his POTM, he’s received +10 Pace, +6 Shooting/Dribbling, +7 Passing, +5 Physicality, and +4 Defending. He seems all right, definitely a fun card, but not meta. Having him as a pure striker is the only option for him, with great heading and top shooting.

6/10, a decent upgrade, looks like a fun card.

Randal Kolo Muani – 92:

I expected him to be a bit higher in rating since he’s had such a great season, but beggars can’t be choosers. Compared to his 84, he’s been given +5 Pace, +10 Shooting, +17 Passing, +8 Dribbling, +7 Defending, and +9 Physicality. This card looks cracked, right off the bat. Being French is a plus due to the links and with the massively boosted stats, he’s definitely going to be a solid option at the striker position. I suspect that he’ll be a bit undervalued due to the club he’s in, but aside from that, what a great card!

9/10, nice upgrade, although rating should be a bit higher.

Leroy Sane – 91:

Yet another Bayern card, and what a card that is. Compared to his WC Stories, he’s received a 4* WF upgrade, with +6 Physicality and +3/+4 across the board. That’s all we were asking for, EA, an upgrade in his weak foot! He definitely looks great, definitely going to be technically good on the pitch with top dribbling, passing, and pace.

9/10, what a beautiful-looking card.

Jonas Hofmann – 90:

+2 rating for Hofmann is very disappointing, I expected higher from him considering his output for M’gladbach. Compared to his 88 IF, he’s been given a 4* SM upgrade, with +3 passing and +2’s across the board. Nothing major has been upgraded, and that’s the main reason why this card is average. His in-game stats don’t seem to be over the top, and defending is just very… Ordinary. He looks like a great option for the CAM position, but there are definitely way better options other than him.

5/10, average rating for an average card.

Nico Schlotterbeck – 90:

I’m now a fan of him after the dynamic EA has given him. That is just sick! Compared to his OTW, he’s been given +4/+6 across the board. 90 Short Pass/Long Pass is amazing as a CB, and in addition to his juiced defensive and physicality stats, he’s definitely going to be a force to reckon with. The only downside I see with this version is his pace and stamina, but other than that, what a card!

8/10, adore the dynamic!

Marcus Thuram (OBJ) – 90:

Before I go onto his review, I loved his Showdown card. Whether he was a super-sub or a starter for me, he always outclassed my opponent’s defenders regardless of his 3* WF. I’m glad his OBJ is out for the grind, and it’s a great opportunity for everyone else to try him out! Compared to his P2G, he’s received a 4* WF, with +4 Passing and +2/+3 across the board. This is definitely a must if you’re looking for a Haaland-like player for cheap.

10/10, a free TOTS Thuram? Yes, please!

Danilo Doekhi (OBJ)- 90:

I’m also sad to say that I haven’t seen much of Union Berlin, so I can’t talk about how Doekhi was in real life. Compared to his 83 IF, he’s been given +17 Pace, +4 Shooting, +5 Physicality, and +7 everywhere else. Meh. He looks okay, but at this point of the game, 86+ pace is a minimum for CB’s, so he’ll definitely be a bit slow. If you don’t care about that, then more power to you; definitely great defensively. This is a free and easy objective to do, so if you’re not looking to add him onto your team, do it for the fodder!

5/10, average, but good fodder!

Bundesliga TOTS Moments Review

Sadio Mane – 95:

Oh my days, what. A. Card. I’m not entirely sure what qualified him to be a TOTS Moment card, but I’m not complaining. Compared to his Flashback version, he’s received a 5* SM upgrade, with +2/+3 across the board. His Flashback was already so good, and with this version having 5* skills, this card’s going to be out of this world.

10/10, in love with this card.

Leon Goretzka – 95:

Whoa, another 90+ stats card coming out the Bundesliga. And a CM? Bundesliga midfielders are going to be so broken in-game. Compared to his RTTF, he’s been given a 5* WF upgrade, with +5 Pace, +4 Passing (+9 FK Accuracy), and +2/+3 to the rest of the stats. Oh, the things I would do to pack this card. He’s definitely going to be one of the players you’ll fear when you see him from an opponent’s squad; that’s how insane his face stats look.

10/10, what a crazy card, top 5 midfielders in the game.

Marco Reus (SBC) – 93:

Glad to see he’s getting a TOTS Moments card. Looks absolutely cracked. Compared to his Centurions, he’s received a 5* WF upgrade, with +8 Pace, +3 Dribbling, +5 Defending, +6 Physicality, and +2 Shooting/Passing. This version looks really good, and with the value of the SBC (~315k), it’s worth it if you have fodder lying around.

10/10, beautiful card at such a great value.

Maxence Lacroix – 91:

Right off the bat, he looks like a good card, and similar to his previous FIFA cards, we all know how he plays in-game. Very quick and pacey, and plays above his defending stats. Now, do I think he deserves a TOTS Moments card? Not really, but it is what it is. Compared to his Rulebreakers, he’s been given +8 Pace, +11 Dribbling, +5 Shooting, and +6 to the rest of his stats. That is a great upgrade and a good option if you’re looking for a pacey CB. In addition to being French, he’ll definitely provide some links, so definitely a good choice.

9/10, definitely caught a vibe.