TOTS Has Officially Arrived!

The highly anticipated promo this FIFA is finally here! Every year, the arrival of TOTS brings excitement and anticipation to millions around the FIFA community with high-rated player cards, exclusive squad-building challenges, and special packs, and this year is no different. TOTS is kicking off this event with a bang and in this article, we’ll delve into the review of the boosted Community TOTS players and rate them based on cost and useability.

Community TOTS Review

Bernardo Silva – 95:

What a season he’s had for Manchester City and his TOTS card mirrors his impact on the pitch. Comparing this card to his FUT Birthday, TOTS Silva has only 4* SM/4* WF, but he received +3 in Pace/Shot/Defending and +2 in Shooting. His dribbling has been maxed out to a 99 and a +5 Physical increase, giving him 99 stamina. I must say, this card’s face stats look unreal. However, his only downside is his defensive capability, but that shouldn’t hinder how this card will perform in-game. I can imagine how fluid this card will be on the pitch with those insane dribbling stats. If you pack this card, congrats to you, you just got an immaculate CAM.

10/10, what a start to the promo.

Alexis Sanchez – 95:

Wow. His FUT Fantasy was amazing already, but this card just took it up a notch. Although only a +2 stat boost across the board, it was much needed. A complete CF – Amazing pace, unreal shooting, immaculate dribbling, beautiful passing, and on top of all that, great physicality. What a card this is going to be on the pitch.

10/10, worth every penny.

Rodrygo – 93:

One of my favorite youngsters I love to see on the pitch for Real Madrid, and I’m so excited to try this card out. A massive 5* SM upgrade, and compared to his Phenoms card, he has received a +4 on Pace/Passing, +6 Shooting (as he should), +5 to Dribbling, +7 to Physical, now with 71 Aggression, and a whopping +10 Defending with a +19 to Heading Accuracy. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Looking at this card, this looks like a dupe FUT Birthday Vinicius Junior, but I assume he’ll perform differently simply because he’s a TOTS card. He’ll definitely be an absolute demon running up and down the pitch with 97 stamina, and with that much-needed boost to his shooting, he’ll definitely be scoring rockets.

10/10, amazing card, just wow.

Kingsley Coman – 93:

He has been such an important asset for Bayern and is well-deserved of a TOTS. Compared to his WC card, he has been given a massive +8 Shot increase, +4 in Dribbling, +6 in Passing with a huge Composure boost (90), +3 in Pace, and +5 in Physicality. The card’s face stats looks great, but the only downside is the 3* WF. At the point of the game, the minimum skills/weak foot a card should have is 4*/4*, but that’s just my opinion. Aside from that, he’s a great winger and has everything you need. Definitely a great card to pack.

8/10, nice upgrade!

Gabriel Jesus – 93:

What a positive impact Jesus has had on Arsenal. He has been a huge factor in their team’s success this season, and he definitely deserves an insane TOTS. Compared to his Winter Wildcard, he received a 4* WF upgrade with 5* SM, +4/+5’s across the board, and a HUGE boost to composure (94). Yet another insane card. Despite his strength, his agility on the ball overlooks that stat and is overall a massive beast. Definitely going to be a great addition to your team, 100%.

10/10, crazy card.

Ismael Bennacer – 92:

Right off the bat, this card already looks insane as a box-to-box, but let’s dive a little deeper into his stats. Compared to his FUT Fantasy, he has received +2 across all stats, and no major boost to a specific stat. His past cards were already insane (especially his UCL card if you completed the SBC), and I expect this card to perform way above that. 96 dribbling and 99 aggression are imperative for a CM, and he checks those off the list. Not only is he a defensive beast, but if you need him on the final third, he’s your man. He has had an insane performance this season for AC Milan, and this card definitely shows it.

10/10, beautiful upgrade.

Andrew Robertson – 92:

Although Liverpool’s been a bit rocky this season with huge ups and downs, Robertson has been performing at the top of his game no matter the match. Compared to his Winter Wildcard, although he’s been downgraded to 3* SM with a 3* WF, he has received a +3 and +4 across all stats and a +5 in Dribbling. I know I’m repeating myself when it comes to reviewing these cards, but I can’t just help it – this card is insane. A meta Premier League fullback with 99 stamina? You better believe he’ll be in a majority of FUT Champs teams.

9/10, lovely card.

Nathan Ake – 91:

Ake has been very surprising this season, and in a really good way. I’m really glad he got a TOTS card cause he definitely deserves it for his contribution to City. Compared to his WC card, he has received a +5/+6 boost in the important places. His pace split is questionable, but if we look past that, what a card he’s been given. Pairing him up with FUT Fantasy Ruben Dias is going to be a deadly duo.

9/10, well-deserved upgrade.

David de Gea – 90:

Despite his performance against Sevilla that knocked them out of the Europa League, if you get past that, he has been one of the best GKs in the Premier League and possibly the world. I appreciate the upgrade he’s been given and as for all GKs in this game, I can’t say much since they all perform the same, but with 89 reactions and 92 reflexes? I won’t say he’ll perform differently than other goalkeepers, but time will tell. As of now, all I will say is de Gea has received a TOTS card and is definitely deserved.

7/10, what a card.

James Tavernier – 90:

To be frank – I haven’t kept up with the Scottish Premiership League to give a solid review regarding his performance, but judging from his past FIFA cards, he’s always been a solid fullback. Compared to his Centurions version, he’s been given a +3/+4 boost across the board with the same SM/WF split (4*/3*). The only major downside to his TOTS version is the lack of links, but if you’re building a full-English or full SPFL team, he’ll definitely be a great choice for you.

7/10, lovely card despite the lack of links.

Kim Min Jae – 89:

One of my favorite defenders to watch simply because his style was impeccable, truly a master of the art of defending. Compared to his WC P2G, he has received a +3/+4 boost across the board, and although I feel like he’s been a bit disrespected regarding his rating since he was possibly the best defender in Serie A, he has received a TOTS nonetheless. I expect him to be an absolute tank on the pitch with his height and just a straight-up auto-defender.

8/10, should’ve been rated a bit higher, but nice card regardless.

Declan Rice – 89:

My captain. Although I love him, I personally don’t think he performed well this season to receive a TOTS, but since it’s community-voted, I’m glad he got one. Compared to his 87 IF, he’s been given a massive +9 Pace boost, and +4/+6 across the board with a considerable boost to agility and balance (77 and 82 respectively). I’m going to be biased and say it’s a great card, but from a neutral perspective, it’s a bit underwhelming, and 3*/3* is also a bit disappointing. I definitely think he’ll perform amazing in-game solely in the CDM position, but in any other places on the pitch, he’ll be a bit questionable.

7/10, Rice Rice Baby.

Khephren Thuram – 89:

No, not again. I know he’s been performing well at Nice, but I have nightmares of his Future Stars card, and I expect him to perform similarly to that version or, if not, better. Compared to his FS, he has received +2/+3 across the board, with no major boosts to a specified stat, not like he needed it anyways. 3* SM/3* WF is also another disappointment, but it doesn’t matter due to how he plays in-game. He’s definitely going to be a force to reckon with solely for his height and body type, so get ready for FUT Champs with Thuram in your opponent’s team.

8/10, what a beast.

Danilo – 89:

Alongside Kim Min Jae, he arguably has been one of the greatest defenders in Serie A, so I appreciate the community voting for him. Compared to his 87 IF, he’s been given a +5 pace increase, +2 in Def/Physicality/Passing, and +4 in Dribbling. For a CB with above-average dribbling and passing, he’s definitely going to feel nice on the ball, and not clunky at all. I expect him to be cheap since he didn’t receive a massive upgrade, but it’s going to be such amazing value for this version of Danilo.

9/10, well-valued card.

Joelinton (Objective) – 89:

For an objective card, this is most definitely a must complete. This is his first special card this FIFA, so comparing this version to his gold standard card is not even worth discussing, but know that he’s been given a +14 rating, so he’s definitely been given a massive boost everywhere. He’s only received a 4* WF upgrade (3* SM/4* WF), but for a midfielder, that’s perfect. Joelinton has everything you need for a box-to-box, is excellent everywhere, and most importantly, can pass and dribble the ball. Not only that, but he’s Brazilian and in the Premier League?! What more can you ask for as an objective? Well-done, EA.

9/10, automatic complete for an unreal card.

Morata – 88:

I’ll come out and say it right now – This is not a good card. Compared to his WC, which was obtained via swaps, he’s only received +1/+2 across all stats. This is a very disgraceful upgrade since he’s done very well at Atletico Madrid. At this point of the game cycle, this TOTS card is fun, but not meta or playable.

4/10, disrespected.

TOTS Moments Review

Ronaldo Araujo (SBC) – 92:

What a season he’s had for Barcelona despite a couple of injuries. Before reviewing the cost of his SBC, let’s look at the comparison between the TOTS Moments and Future Stars. He’s received a +2 upgrade in the most-needed areas (Pace/Def/Physicality), +2 in Passing, and a +4 in Dribbling with a +5 in Ball Control. All his cards have been amazing this FIFA, and this version is no different. He’ll definitely feel agile and versatile as a 6’4 defender, and similar to how van Dijk plays in-game, I assume he’ll perform as well as him. Now, reviewing the SBC, it’s only 2 segments – An 88 and an 89. Now, that is definitely expensive, but most definitely not overpriced. He’s worth it if you have the coins or the fodder to do him. If you’re going to, be sure to complete Araujo before the deadline!

9/10, well-priced SBC, great card.

Junya Ito – 89:

Right off the bat, he hasn’t been given that big of an upgrade, which is pathetic since these are supposed to be “endgame” cards. Compared to his WC P2G, he’s been given a measly +2/+3 upgrade across the board with no major stats being upgraded. Overall, despite his pace and dribbling being great, it’s not that good of a card, and I expect him to be at fodder price eventually. Again, if you’re building a fun Ligue 1 team, definitely have Ito in the line-up.

5/10, very disappointing upgrade.

Ramy Bensebaini – 88:

This looks like such a great card. Not only can he be position modified to a CB/LWB, but compared to his 82 IF, he’s been given an enormous +11 Pace boost, +9 in Dribbling/Passing with +18 in Vision, +13 in Agility, a huge +10 increase in Reactions, +7 in Defending, and +5 in Physicality. He’s definitely going to be cheap simply because of his nation and club, but if you manage to pack him, then wow, you just got yourself a massive defender. Being 6’2 and 3* SM/4* WF is major for a CB and not only that, but he’s for sure going to feel smooth both on the defending side and passing out the ball or even dribbling. Heck, he can even play as a CDM/CM because his stats reflect that of a midfielder. Overall, what a huge upgrade and a majorly underpriced card.

9/10, versatile, shifty, and strong. Wow.

Cameron Carter-Vickers – 88:

Right away, he looks like a good card, and is a decent link to TOTS Tavernier, but I don’t expect him to be expensive or used due to nation and links. Compared to his Storyline card, he’s been given a +3/+4 stat increase across the board. Based on his stats, he’ll definitely be an over-the-top defender with great defending and dribbling, but the passing and dribbling are a letdown. Not only that, he just doesn’t have the “oomph” to bump him up to the top-tier CBs.

6/10, good-looking card, lack of links is the issue.