Eredivisie TOTS: A Quick Look

After a thorough review of Community TOTS, EA has blessed the community with another addition to the first week of the promo: Eredivisie TOTS! As one of the lesser-player releases in FIFA 23, albeit being Team of the Season, the Eredivisie TOTS is going to need some bangers to ensure that it’s a must-have for FUT players seeking to add top-quality players to their squad. We’ll dive straight into the player review, highlighting some of the best players to look out for based on cost and useability.

Eredivisie TOTS Player Review

Xavi Simons – 93:

Simons has been an important asset for PSV and proved it by winning Player of the Month in March. Leaving PSG due to lack of minutes allowed him to shine in the Eredivisie and it’s no doubt that he’s a perfect fit for that league. Now, compared to his POTM card, he’s been given a +9 in Defending with a +10 in Interceptions & Standing Tackle, +7 in Shooting, +5 in Passing/Dribbling, +6 in Physicality, and a +5 in Pace. This is no doubt a beautiful-looking card and just insane anywhere on the pitch, hence the 4 alternate positions. What a major upgrade. If you’re looking to build an Eredivisie team, he’s a must-have for the squad.

10/10, insane card; playable at any position.

Dusan Tadic – 92:

He’s been such a playmaker in the league, having the most assists this season with 131! Aside from his performance, this is what we needed, EA. A meta Tadic! Compared to his Centurions version, he’s received a 5*SM with a 4* WF, +3 in Dribbling & Passing, +6 in Shooting, a huge +7 Pace increase, and +5 Physicality, giving him 99 Stamina. He looks absolutely cracked, and no doubt skillers are going to adore this card. His TOTS version has everything you need for a winger/CF – Passing, shooting, and dribbling. What more can you ask for? I mean, sure, it’s a bit disappointing that his rating and pace don’t reflect how he truly played in the Eredivisie, but just be glad he’s received a TOTS!

9/10, massive upgrade!

Steven Bergwijn – 91:

It’s a bit surprising he’s been given a high rating or even a TOTS considering his production, but here we are. Compared to his Showdown card, he’s been given a +3/+4 across the board with a minor +2 Pace upgrade. It’s a great card, don’t get me wrong. Amazing pace, top shooting and dribbling, can definitely score some bangers in-game, but I personally think his card was a bit undeserved.

7/10, great card, undeserved player.

Lutsharel Geertruida – 91:

For a CB, his face cards look immaculate. A massive +8 in rating compared to his 83 IF, and he for sure deserved it as well! Now, comparing the stats, he’s been given +13 in shooting, not that it matters for a CB, but 83 finishing is interesting, +2 in Pace, +10 in Passing, +8 in Dribbling & Defending, and +7 in Physical. I must say, he’s going to be a huge beast on the pitch. With high-tier pace and defending for a CB, this card is just an absolute tank, and no doubt will feel silky in-game.

10/10, what a card!

Mohammed Kudus – 90:

I can say with my heart and chest that his in-game stats do not reflect how he plays on the pitch. If anything, he really feels like a 99 overall with everything maxed. His work rate and ability to play on both sides of the field are just second to none, and with such well-rounded stats, his cost on the market currently is undervalued. Now, compared to his Future Stars, he’s received a +3/+4 across the board, with a +5 in Dribbling. As I said, his stats don’t do him justice, especially his defensive capability; he plays well above it. If you’re looking for a pacey box-to-box midfielder who can do anything, he’s your guy.

10/10, a personal favorite from the promo.

Vangelis Pavlidis – 90:

I expected a more juiced card from him since he was very good playing for AZ Alkmaar, but I can’t complain, he’s also insane. Before I talk about his card from personal experience, let’s review his stats. Compared to his 83 IF, he’s received +5 and +6 across the board, with +9 in Passing, a huge upgrade to Short Passing and Curve, and a +8 in Dribbling! Now, his card. He is just perfect as a pure striker, and sure, 3* SM/4* WF is a let-down, but trust me when I say this – The 4* weak foot must be a typo. He can score bangers with both feet, and dribbling is great too, despite having average agility and balance. He’s currently fodder price, but he’s definitely worth picking up if you’re looking to construct a fun team.

10/10, top-tier striker.

Orkun Kokcu – 89:

His rating’s a disgrace is all that needs to be said. He’s been one of the best players in the league and an important piece for Feyenoord’s run in the Europa League, and only an 89 is just disappointing. Compared to his Man of the Match card, he’s received +5 in Pace, Passing, and Physiality, +6 in Passing, +7 in Defending, and +8 in Shooting. I’m just gonna say it right now – This card is a bit average. He’s a decent option as a box-to-box midfielder, but with the other cards I’ve reviewed in this team’s promo, they’re honestly way better than this card. It’s sad to say that because of his performance this season, but don’t blame me, blame EA.

5/10, okay card for such an amazing season.

Joey Veerman – 88:

Similar to Kokcu, Veerman’s another decent option as a box-to-box, but they’re both just bang average despite being Team of the Season cards. Compared to his gold rare, he’s been given +10 in Dribbling & Passing, +14 in Pace and Shooting, +15 in Defending, and +11 in Defending. It sounds like he’s been given a massive boost, but in reality, his card is just below the power curve. It’s a good card for FIFA players returning to the game or who are playing FUT for the first time, but for recurring players, this card won’t fit their squad at all.

5/10, another okay card.

David Hancko (Objective) – 88:

Hancko’s had a solid season, and I’m glad he received a Team of the Season card to grind for. Compared to his 81 IF, he’s been given a +10 in Shooting/Passing, +8 in Dribbling, +6 in Defending and +7 in Physicality, and a measly +3 increase in pace. He’s received major upgrades in the fields that are least important to a CB, but aside from that, it looks like a decent objective to grind for. I assume he’ll be decent on the pitch, but not someone who’d perform over the top such as diving for the ball or constantly blocking goals. If you’re not looking to add him to your team, he’s good fodder for free, so be sure to complete him.

6/10, decent objective, even better for fodder.