FIFA 23 Expected Top 10 Player Ratings!

Downgrades for Messi & Ronaldo!

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10 - Virgil Van Dijk +1

Virgil Van Dijk had a solid season, winning both the FA and Carabao Cup, due to this he has earnt himself a small  upgrade to 90! 

9 Thibaut Courtois +1

Thibaut Courtois and Madrid won the Champions League and LaLiga during the 21/22 season with him having a massive hand in both. 

8 Heung Min Son +1

Heung Min Son bagged an impressive 24 goals in 45 games earning himself a deserved +1. 

7 - Cristiano Ronaldo -1

Cristiano had a decent season scoring 24 in 37 games however he is now in his late 30s and on the decline (by his standards). 

6 Mohamed Salah +2

Mohamed Salah arguably was hard done by last season with the downgrade but 31 goals in 51 games from the wing made sure he got an upgrade to 91! 

5 Robert Lewandowski -1

Robert Lewandowski scored 50 goals last season so may well feel a little hard done by however he is 34 at the end of August so I would expect to see a decline in stats.

4 - Lionel Messi -2

There is no doubt that Messi is one of the best players of all time. 10 goals and 14 assists would be a good return for most players but by Messi's standards that was a quiet one... 

3 Kevin De Bruyne -

Kevin De Bruyne is the heartbeat of City's midfield.
19 goals and 14 in 45 games isn't a bad return from central midfield either so KDB keeps his 91 rating in FIFA 23.

2 Karim Benzema +2

Karim Benzema might have just had his best season of his career last season with the pinnacle of the season being his performance against City in the Champions league Semi-Final. I don't think too many would disagree with the upgrade! 

If you hadn't guessed who the new top rated card is...

1 Kylian Mbappé +1

FIFA 23's poster boy was always going to be one of the highest rated, he is one of the rising stars of world football but does he deserve to be the top rates card in FIFA?...

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