FC 24 Millionaire #10

Printing Coins with FUTBIN!

What Happened?
The picture below shows the price for Hernandez TOTS card on FUTBIN. FUTBIN always shows the prices of the Top 5 cheapest cards on the market. As you can see, there is a 12k difference between the cheapest Hernandez on FUTBIN (135k) and the average of the other four cards (147k), due to this, you can see that the usual lowest price he will be listed for is around 145-149k. It would have been possible to snipe TOTS Hernadez for <135k. After tax that equates to at LEAST 6k profit per card.

Why Did It Work?
FUTBIN doesn’t update prices as a live feed, even on the most popular cards there can sometimes be a 10 or 20 minute delay. There are times when the price refreshes just as a card is listed for a much lower price than the norm, this then shows as the current cheapest price even though it has already sold.
If someone wants to sell their Hernandez TOTS, the seller may be very lazy and go on FUTBIN and see the 135k as cheapest price without realizing the gap between cheapest and the other four prices. He wants to sell Hernandez as fast as possible,
therefore he lists the card 2k below the lowest FUTBIN price of 135k. A lot of people do exactly this, so players to snipe will appear very frequently <135k.

What Can We Learn From It For FC 24?
As long as FUTBIN updates prices as it currently does, this technique will work. However you can’t really search for players like this on FUTBIN and will have to get lucky to find one.
However when you see something like this on FUTBIN you can go on the market and test your sniping abilities! We will also post in the Discord every time we see a player like this.