FC 24 Millionaire #9

How Giroud Rose Tenfold In Price

What happened?
EA released a 90 rated version of Giroud as an objective. To complete him you had to complete objectives that each required specific characteristics of Giroud. (Score X amount of goals with a French ST, score X amount of goals with a PL ST etc.). The obvious choice for most of the people was Giroud himself as he obviously had all the necessary characteristics to complete the objectives. Many players went for him as the player to use for the objectives. His gold version rose from 700 coins to 7k during the first 15 minutes (the gold cards price remained at around 3k for following few days too).

Why did it work?
Most players look for the quickest way to complete objectives. That’s why a lot of people go for a card that can complete multiple parts of the objective at the same time instead of having to use different players for each part. That’s why Giroud rose in this case.

What can we learn from it for FC 24?
- Check the Objective player at 6pm (if there is one).
- Check if the characteristics of the card (stats, position, nation, league) will make that card a popular choice for completing the objective.
- Check if there are players that can be used for multiple parts of the objectives (most of the time the objective
  player himself will be the best/most obvious choice).
- Buy them as fast as possible.
- Sell at the peak around 10 minutes after release (and don't get too greedy or you may miss out!)
- If you are in need of support, we have a daily Discord call at 6pm, where we identify these investments in the Discord