FC 24 Millionaire #4

Sniping Extinct Cards 

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What Happened?
In FIFA 21 Eder Militao's price was 15,000 coins, this was due to EA setting this as a maximum value you could list him for on the transfer market. After his price range got updated, you could sell him for around 35,000 coins (18,000 PAT).

Why Did It Work?
When new cards are released EA sometimes gets the price ranges wrong. This is due to them misjudging how popular a card can be. Militao is a great example, he had fantastic stats as a starter CB, to add to this he was easy to link due to his nation, league and club, the strong link to Ferland Mendy at LB also boosted his demand. Looking at this card, it was likely that 15k was going to be way too low. That being said, a lot of people knew/predicted this and tried to snipe him, therefore he was really hard to pick up, if you managed to get a few, it was guaranteed profit once the price range was increased.

What Can We Learn From It For FC 24?
It is easy to think extinct players will always sell for more after their maximum price gets updated.
There are a lot of examples of when extinct players dropped after their price range update (check out case study #5 once it is released!).

In the beginning though it will be relatively easy to work out the players who have price range that are way too low (we will post them in the Discord).  

If you have fast internet and are a decent sniper then this is a method worth looking into, don’t spend too much time trying to snipe them if you can't pick them up, there are more time-efficient methods (which we will cover off).

The biggest downside of this method is the fact that you never know when exactly they update the price range when a card is extinct. If you miss the time when the price range gets increased, because you are asleep, at school/work or doing something else, you might miss out on the profit, potentially even lose coins as longterm cards usually drop again anyway.