FC 24 Millionaire #2
OTW Bellerin 

What Happened?
The Ones To Watch promo is the first one in each FIFA title, during FIFA 22 it came out within the first week of release. Hector Bellerin received a OTW item on the 8th of October and therefore his gold card went out of packs for a week. He rose from 600 coins to 1.2k (PS4). Doesn't sound like much but such an easy coin doubler shouldn't be underestimated, especially in the early days of the game.

Why Did It Work?
This is a classic example of an out of pack investment. A gold card goes out of packs whenever it receives a special card within a promo (unless it is an SBC). This means that it is not possinle to pack the gold version of the card until the promo card expires. The rise was compounded by the fact that the gold card was only out for a few days before the promo started making the supply even more limited. Low supply on it's own doesn't necessarily mean that a card's price will rise, we also need demand. This demand came because lots of people complete the advanced SBCs to get good packs (during the first few weeks, it is only possible to buy premium Gold packs and Gold packs from the store).

Players like Bellerin (78 rated RB/good league and nation) are always popular cards for these kinds of SBCs.

Conclusion: Low/No Supply + High Demand → Price Rises

What Can We Learn For FC 24?
There some leaks going around saying that multiple versions of a card can be in packs at the same time in FC 24. It's not 100% clear if this goes only for special cards (for example a player could have a promo card and a TOTW card at the same time) or if it also counts for gold cards. If gold cards don't go out of packs anymore then this method won't work anymore. So this is again a case where we need to analyse once the game comes out what actually is the case. If gold cards still go out of packs, the following counts:

The OTW promo happens every year so we can be 99.9% sure that we will get this again but with
different cards.

We will provide detailed list with players and buy prices in the discord, as soon as
the webapp opens. The list will include players that are likely to get an OTW card and replicate a rise like we saw in the past with Bellerin for example. Spreading investments will be the key here. There will always be one or two players who surprisingly dont get OTW cards but if you invest in all, you should make good profit overall.

Another Example
During FIFA 20, Barella got an OTW item during the week he was out of packs, he rose from 1,300 to 3,800 on PS4 which meant
2,300 PAT.

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