FC 24 Millionaire #1 

Position Change Trading 

What Happened?

The Around The World SBC came out on release day of the Web App. This was a great example of how to use the position change method due to its requirements.  

The SBC required positions that are rarer out of packs, most players out of packs are RB and LB (a few hundred) with RWB and LWB only having around 30 combined. 

Due to their scarcity, the LWB and RWB cards were already more expensive, sitting at around 2,000 coins, therefore making this method a very good starter method.  

In the first week, one of the best cards to make coins with was Bensebaini. He could be bought for 700 coins as a left back and changed to the left wing-back position via the position change card (LB → LWB) costing 200 coins.

Once applied, the LWB Bensebaini sold for 2k which meant 1k profit after tax.

Why Did It Work?
Around The World was a very popular SBC at the beginning of FIFA. The easiest way to solve the puzzle was to go for one of the top 5 leagues and choose players from obscure nations for every position (One of the requirements was Exactly 10 Nations).

The squad required both a LWB and a RWB, as discussed above these are rarer positions, especially at the beginning of the game where supply is lower. Bensebaini was a popular player for the SBC because of his nation and relatively high rating. Therefore he was in a lot of FUTBIN SBC solutions.  Most people do not check what a players base position is and would be more likely to search for a player at LWB, therefore, not knowing about the position change method they would buy this card off the market at a premium.

What Can We Learn From It For FC 24? 

There is a big 'if' around this method for the new game. As you might know, position change won't exist anymore, means you will be able to switch between positions without a position change token. That's all we know so far. Two possible scenarios:

Scenario 1:
A player who got a position change keeps the changed position when you list it on the market. If that is the case and you can still find the same player with different positions on the market, this method will still work. Probably even better than before as we wouldn't have to buy the position modifiers anymore and any price differences between positions would be automatic profit.

Scenario 2:
A player who got a postion change doesn't keep its position when you list it on the market and instead goes back to the default position. This would open up other investment techniques that we will discuss later but it would definitely kill the classic position change method.

We don't really know whats coming. I still think it's worth showing you this Case Study. Oviously if Scenario 1 happens but also with Scenario 2 I think it's a good example to show you how trading works. We see a price difference and try to find a way to benefit from it. 

In case this method works again we will reveal lists with players that work in the Premium Discord once the game has been released
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