Today the Juventus and Italian legend Claudio Marchisio was announced as the 4th FIFA World Cup Hero. 

The eagle-eyed will have seen that he was the narrator of the newly released video by EA Sports yesterday on their socials to confirm that the licence for Juventus have been renewed and therefore will be returning to the game next year (RIP Piemonte Calcio, it was brief and you will always be remembered fondly in our hearts). Keep an eye open for the next hint or tip that they drop!
We will no doubt be seeing a lot more Heros dropping throughout the summer!

There is no doubting that he was a Juventus legend but he appeared at two World Cup's (2010 & 2014) for Italy with 1 goal, 1 win and 1 red card. I don't know about everyone else but in our book that doesn't really deserve a World Cup hero card in our books,

Do you agree? 

From a gaming view, he will unfortunately not fit the META needed unless EA decide to massively revamp the way players are used in FIFA 23, unfortunately he is likely to be joining Andrea Pirlo in an SBC at some point and won't be high on the list of the most desired players within FIFA 23.