OP Selling - An Easy Method To Make Coins On FIFA 23 

OP Selling Make Coins in FIFA 23

What is OP selling in FIFA 23?

The first question among casual players would be "What is OP selling?"

The basic concept is really easy to explain, you buy the lowest card on the market and list it up for higher. 

Every time a player sells you will buy them back and re-list them.


How OP Selling work in FIFA 23?

The basic concept is simple, buy 100 cards at the lowest price on the market and list them for higher.

During most 1 hour listings, a few will sell, when they sell you then re-buy the player and relist.

This may seem like it won't work but it has been proven to work year after year.

Why Does It Work?

Market rises - On a regular basis cards with a certain rating/rarity will rise and fall, for example when they are a requirement in an SBC that everyone wants to do.

The cards on your list are potentially then amongst the cheapest and so they sell really quickly.

Lazy buyers - These are people who do not check prices or do not know how to use the price filters.

They will buy the cheapest card they see on the first page of the transfer list.

People who use the ‘Compare Price’ function (often in conjunction with ‘Concept Players’) are particularly prone to this.

How Do I Practice FUT Trading in FIFA 23?

For this to be most effective you want to buy 100 players. (You have 100 spots on your transfer list) If you have more than 100, you can still only list 100 so it isn't an effective use of coins and if you list less you have less chances of getting sales every hour. 

You also want to look at players that are around the same price, for example, if you have 2 million coins, you will look at cards that are worth around 20,000 coins 

2,000,000 budget divided by 100 cards ≈ 20,000 per card

To build an effective list you will need to look at players that are popularly used in squads or used in SBC's. 

You can use the above to build your own list but if you need trading support we do have a OP list for each and every budget. You can join the trading Discord by clicking here

Top Tips for Getting Sales

Buy Price

Add additional amount
30% of your buy price
4,000 plus 5% EA tax
5,000 plus 5% EA tax
6,000 plus 5% EA tax
7,000 plus 5% EA tax

You would then add another 1,000 coins onto the sale price for each additonal 10,000 it cost you to buy the card, for example a card costing 120,000 would then be sold for 12,000 plus 5% to cover EA's tax for selling cards. meaning the card would be listed for c. 138,000 coins. 

Always make sure that you round up or down a bit to get just below the next big number (9.9k rather than 10k, 19.75k rather than 20k, 26.75k rather than 27k.)

Make sure to leave at least a 10% gap to the max price, if that isn't possible, do not use the player.

A good chem style and position change can increase the chance to get sales too. E.g. Hunter on a striker or Shadow on a defender.