What Is The New Game Mode FUT Moments?

FUT Moments

FUT Moments is a brand new game mode coming to FIFA 23 and will be available to play as a single player and earn rewards. FUT Moments will be a series of short scenarios with a variety of challenges. For example, scoring a free kick or making a cross. 

FUT Moments will have a new currency type, FUT Stars, which can be exchanged for Items and Packs in the Moments Star Gallery (Similar to the current FUT Store but a new currency). 


Each moment will be started by choosing a 'Story', this could be anything from Seasonal themes, FUT promos or even having to recreate an amazing goal from this weekend's football matches.

The Moments Mode Logo

The FUT Stars Logo

Each Story is made up of Chapters starting with at least one Chapter unlocked (makes sense) in a Story, some may require you to collect FUT Stars from chapters to open new ones too.


  • Moments have one to three Challenges that are needed to be completed the Moment and earn the associated FUT Stars, these could be  a free kick, throw-in, or in the middle of an attacking or defending scenario.
  • Moments have at least one Reward Level, with some having up to a maximum of three, which will offer one to three FUT Stars respectively.
  • You can start at the lowest Reward Level, earning a FUT Star each Reward Level you complete, or start at the highest Reward Level first to try to earn all unearned FUT Stars for that Moment in one go.
  • The harder levels will have more stringent Squad Requirements, a shorter time to complete, or CPU AI Difficulty as you increase/decrease the Reward Level.
  • If all challenges aren't completed within the timeframe, it will need to be restarted. 

With FUT Moments EA have said that they want to achieve the following:

  • Deliver a new mode that offers a wide variety of unique Challenges that will be updated throughout FUT 23, ranging from skills training to recreating real football match highlights.
  • Provide a shorter match experience than our other game modes.
  • Offer unique gameplay for all skill levels of FUT players, with a wide variety of difficulties.
  • Create a progression and reward system that gives players more control and choice.