New FIFA 23 World Cup™ FUT Heroes Announced.

There has been lots of FIFA 23 updates this week, one of the most exciting is that we will be receiving FIFA World Cup™ FUT Heroes for FIFA 23.

You will receive an untradeable version by ordering FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition however you will have to wait until the 11th November to receive this in your club. 

Three have been announced so far however according to 'more FUT Heroes will be revealed throughout the summer. 

Their ratings have not been released but judging on the fact they are being released in November means they should be usable during this period. 

Each new FUT Hero in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team will have two versions of their FUT Hero item: a base version, which will be available from the beginning of FIFA, and a FIFA World Cup™ version. The base version will recognise a memorable moment from their club career, while the FIFA World Cup™ version will celebrate a key contribution on the international stage.