FC 24 Millionaire #11

Flipping New Special Cards

What happened?
The first batch of Future Stars included Kamara from Marseille. During the first lightning round he was 170k. I bought around 10 of him at that time. 40 minutes later he was 230k and I sold for 47k profit after tax per card. 

Why did it work?
At content time (6pm GMT – time of the first lightning round) there was a lot of panic. People checking objectives, SBCs, opening packs themselves, checking prices of the new high end cards etc. but nobody was checking the price of new lower rated cards (like Kamara) straight away. The leaks we currently have, dont really hange this. Even if people know about all the cards before, the main focus is still checking objectives, SBCs, opening packs themselves, checking prices of the new high end cards etc.  If you look at Kamara, we had a high supply (due to the Lightning Round packs) but low demand (nobody looked at him as a viable investment early on).
This is why he was relatively cheap at the beginning. After 10-15 minutes, people stopped opening packs, completing the new SBCs etc. and started to check which other cards had been released. People recognized that there was a new cheap French CB with really good stats, a card that fit into a lot of WL teams, as supply dried out (the lightning round finished) and demand started to cause the price to rise.
Important: Finding the best selltime is not easy. I always make sure to sell before the second lightning rounds starts (6pm GMT) and we get more supply again that let the prices drop again. Even if that means a loss. There is no formula for the best selltime but you will get a good feeling for it if you just monitor prices of cards and start buying and selling them yourself.

One other great example was Söyüncü during PL TOTS. Everybody was looking for Mane, Salah, Auba etc. but ignored the 88 rated Turkish CB. He was 130k during the first lightning round. 30 minutes later he was 190k for the exact same reason as Kamara.

What can we learn from it for FC 24?
At first its reallly important to understand this is one of the riskiest methods. Not every promo has cards like this. I would advise being cautious with this trading method if you are very risk averse. First hour flips have the potential to be very volatile and are a huge risk.

If you are actually interested in this, I can advise the following:
- It’s always a good idea to check new lower rated cards with decent stats to see if there are any really desirable cards straight away that looks to cheap
- to gain experience its totally fine to just monitor a card that you found interesting and learn from it no matter it would have failed or worked
- then at some point start just buying one card, see how it goes and again learn from it
- once you feel confident enough you can start trying it with more cards

We will of course help you with this in the Discord and post when we like to buy and sell flips like this.