Season 8 FUTTIES Has Just Dropped...Some of the Rewards Are Insane!

If you'd prefer to watch the rewards, check this video out!

Season 8 rewards have just dropped titled  Season 8 FUTTIES, like last season there are two changes. 

We now have 41 levels instead of 40 and to hit level 41 levels will be almost as easy to achieve as you ONLY need 40,500 XP to complete!

FUTTIES Season 8 level 1-5

Level 1-4

Level 1 - Women's World Cup Stadium Theme (Phillipines, Norway, Switzerland)

Level 2 -75+ Rare Gold Players Pack

Level 3 - Women's Team Stadium Theme (New Zealand, Ireland, Canada) 

Level 4 - 83+ Double Player Pack

Level 5

Level 5 is the best reward so far! This is a (fairly easy choice) between Fantasy FUT Isak and a 5x84+ Players Pack.

Very good for only have to get 5000 XP!

I'd probably take the fodder pack just for the chance of packing something better.

Level 5 FUTTIES rewards!

Level 6-9

Level 6 - Women's Team Stadium Theme  (Nigeria, Japan, Spain)

Level 7 - 83+ Rare Gold Player Pack

Level 8 - Women's Team Stadium Theme (Costa Rica, Zambia, Australia)

Level 9 - 1 of 3 83+ Player Pick

Level 10

Another nice reward. A choice of 96 Rated TOTY Modric or an 85 x 10 players pack. 

Modric may not be a shiny new card but he is still 96 rated and either good fodder or can possibly play in your team.

Unlike Shapeshifter Silva (last season's reward) I'd probably go with the fodder pack! 

Quite easy to attain with only 10,000 XP needed too! 

Level 10 FUTTIES Reward Luka Modric
level 11-15 FUTTIES Season 8

Level 11-14

At least these packs start to get better from hereonin.

Level 11 - Women's Team Stadium Theme  (England, China, Denmark)

Level 12 - 81+ Two Rare Gold Players Pack

Level 13 - Women's Team Stadium Theme  (Haiti Viet Nam, Portugal)

Level 14 - An 86+ Two Players Pack

Level 15

Two decent choices again here, could be a hard decision! The choice is either a Seven 84+ Player Pack or Five 84+ Players Pack

This could be a very hard decision... Right? I preferred the Shapeshifters pack from last season so this reward is a downgrade.

To get this pack you will need to hit 15,000XP so shouldn't take too long to get here! 

level 16-20 FUTTIES Season 8

Level 16-19

Level 16 - Women's Team Stadium Theme  (USA or Brazil).

Level 17 - 85+ Two Player Pack

Level 18 - Women's Team Stadium Theme  (Netherlands, France)

Level 19 - 84+ Rare Gold Player Pack

Level 20

This is the first exciting new card that you can pick up with the disputed rat king Ryan Kent as one reward!.

Option 1 - A FUTTIES Ryan Kent
Option 2 - A 25 x 84+ Player Pick

I know which one I would be taking... one of the most OP players in previous FIFAs with a 5*5* ugrade... 

FUTTIES Ryan Kent - Level 20 rewards
FUTTIES Season 8 Level 21-26 rewards

Level 21-24

Level 21 - Women's Team Stadium Theme  (Panama, Jamaica)

Level 22 - A three 84+ Players Pack

Level 23 - Women's Team Stadium Theme  (South Africa, Argentina)

Level 24 - An 86+ Two Players Pack 

Level 25

 In Season 8 we ONLY have an option of a Five 85+ Player pack...

level 26-30 FUTTIES Season 8

Level 26-29

Level 26 - Women's Team Stadium Theme  (Italy, Sweden)

Level 27 - 81+ Two Rare Gold Players Pack

Level 28 - 10 x 82+ Rare Players Pack

Level 29 - Women's Team Stadium Theme  (Colombia, Germany)

Level 30

The 30th level of Season 8! Another interesting choice... You have a choice of:

  • 30x 84+ Players Pack
  • FUTTIES Diogo Jota

Liverpool fans will jump at the chance to get a legend into their clubs, I am all for it too as this looks like an insane card with a Skill Moves upgrade giving him 5*5*! Adding to this he can play LW or CF as a secondary position!

FUTTIES Diogo Jota - Level 30 reward
level 31-35 FUTTIES Season 8

Level 31-34

Level 31 - 85+ Two Players Pack

Level 32 - 83+ Rare Gold Players Pack

Level 33 - Women's Team Stadium Theme (South Korea, Morocco)

Level 34 - A 1 of 3 85+ Rare Gold Players Pack

Level 35

The 35th level of Season 7! Nearly done now! 

  • 85+ x10 Players Pack
  • Trophy Titans Ferdinand

This is a hard one because even at this stage of the game Ferdinand will likely still be OP.

Trophy Titans Ferdinand - level 35 rewards
level 36-40 FUTTIES Season 8

Level 36-39

Level 36 - An XL Women's Tournament quilt TIFO

Level 37 - Three 84+ Players Pack 

Level 38 - 5 x85+ Players Pack

Level 39 - An 86+ Two Players Pack

Level 40

The 40th level of Season 8! This will probably be a difficult choice for me personally... You can have either of:

  • FUTTIES Vinicius Junior
  • 1 of 5 90+ TOTY/FBDAY/TT/SS Icon Pick

The prime has been replaced with Shapeshifters for the pick and they have made it a 1 of 5 instead of 4 which is also a nice little upgrade. 

FUTTIES Vinicius Junior - Level 40

Level 41

The 41st level of Season 8! This is a kit named dala and looks pretty cool!

FUTTIES Season 8 Level 41 rewards

New Objectives!

EA have removed all XP barring Daily and Weekly objectives (for now). No doubt new objectives will be added but it is possible to hit 2,800XP on day 1 getting you to level 2 

Weekly Objectives, season 8

Level 41 Bonus - You need to play 10 games with this kit to get multiple packs, seems like an easy grind for some really good fodder to end Season 8!

Level 41 Bonus - Season 8