League Upgrade SBC's And How To Craft Packs Efficiently

TotY Upgrade Grind

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The Best Way To Grind Upgrades During TOTY

The first thing to mention before starting is that there is no 'one size fits all' approach to doing SBC's.

There is a trade off between being more efficient with coins and the time it will take you to craft packs.

Picking up cards that are cheaper will take a little bit longer as others will also be trying to buy them, if your aim is to get as many packs as quickly as possible you will need to pay a slight premium when buying cards.

Below is a guide with options that should help you craft pack, how you balance the above is up to you.

Step 1 - The BPM Grind (Skip if required)

If your only aim is to create packs as fast as possible, skip this and move straight on to step 2.

If you want to stretch your coins as far as possible and do this for free (or even make a profit) this is definitely where to start:

  1. Open bronze packs
  2. Sell all players that have a value above discard (use compare price)
  3. Players that are discard value are to be used in Bronze upgrade packs
  4. Open the Silver packs received from the Bronze upgrades
  5. All Silver players go into Gold upgrades
  6. Open Gold Upgrade packs
        All Common Gold cards go into League Upgrade Packs
        All Rare Gold cards go into Premium League Upgrade Packs

Step 2 - Complete Premium League Upgrades

Buy Rare Golds to put into the Premium League Upgrade SBC's, I always build a minimum of 10 of each as this wastes less time, once created, open the packs.

Step 3 - Recycle content

Any common cards are to be recycled into the (normal) League Upgrade SBC of your choice. 

Rares can go into:

  • Premium League Upgrade packs  
    Benefit: They only give cards from a specific league
    Downside:The card could be a minimum of 75 rated 
  • 2 x 81+ Upgrades
    Benefit: Min rating 81
    Downside: Not league specific 

Once you have opened these packs you will be able to recycle them again as described in Step 2 (use the cards from the pack to complete another SBC)

I usually keep doing this until I run out of stuff that I can recycle. Then start again at Step 1 (or 2) 

Step 4 - Cards Can Be Used For Other SBC's

You can also complete other SBC's, which can in turn be used to complete the bigger SBC's such as Player/Icon's  

82+ cards →83+ x2 upgrades → 83+ x2 Def/Mid/Att upgrades → Player SBCs/ Icon SBCs

If you are completing Step 1 you can also put aside the required league specific Bronze and Silver players to do the Mixed League Upgrades.

Rare Bronze cards can also be used to complete the first section of any of the Icon SBC's, the reward for this is a Two Rare Gold Players Pack. → Rare Silvers can also be used to get a Two Rare Gold Players Pack from all individual Icon SBC's.

Things To Consider
You won't always be able to pack all the players required for SBC's - especially the more difficult parts, if this is the case, you may need to buy the missing cards.

Check out this video if you need any support.  

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