FC 24 Millionaire #7

Make Millions with Managers

What happened?
The best investments are sometimes things that are not that obvious! Investing in managers is one of them. At the beginning of the game, when only the web app is available, most managers are really cheap.

The main reason behind this is because they aren't really needed, nobody can play games and therefore nobody needs a manager for their teams.

At the beginning of FIFA 21 it was possible to buy Dutch bronze managers for around 1,000 coins. A few days later, when people started to play the game, they rose to between 2-4,000 coins they eventually went extinct!

Why did it work?
The reason for this is pretty simple, Dutch managers were just really rare, only a few existed. Some of them were bronze managers which only get packed from people who use the bronze pack method. Most didn't check the price and discarded them, that made them even rarer. Let us now look at the usual criteria for a good investment:

Low supply     → Yes (as explained)
High demand → Dutch players like Depay, van Dijk, de Jong, de Vrij, Wijnaldum etc. were popular players that were used a lot in the early weeks of the game, Dutch managers would boost chemistry for those players needing a +1 and therefore had good demand

         Low supply + High demand = Price Increase

What can we learn from it for FC 24?
This has worked over the past few years now. In FIFA 22 it was the same but with French Managers.
As soon as the web app is released, we will be able to check how many of each of the top nations are in the game and if it is worth investing.

If we like something as investment, we will of course post it in the Trading Channels of the Discord.