'Nations To Watch' Coming To FIFA 23'

As per previously, Ones To Watch player items will upgrade when a player receives a qualifying performance-based item (Team of the Week, Man of the Match etc.)

Ones To Watch players will also receive an upgrade via the 'Wins to Watch' mechanic - based on their team’s performances. They are eligible for a one-time upgrade if their team wins three out of their eight domestic league games starting from 30th September. The OTW players do NOT have to play in the games for them to count towards the upgrade.

There is also a brand new addition for each OTW to receive an upgrade during the World Cup, this is called Nations to Watch. With Nations to Watch, Ones To Watch players will receive a one-time upgrade if their national team wins any game at the World Cup.

The OTW players do not have to feature in the game, even more interestingly, they don't even need to be part of their nation’s squad to be eligible for the upgrade meaning they can receive one even if they are injured or not at the tournament!

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