Premier League TOTS Has Arrived

After a great kick-off to the beginning of Team of the Season with Community/Eredivisie TOTS, this Friday is no different! Premier League TOTS is out on FIFA 23 and we are going to take a look at these juiced-up cards, and I must say, they are VERY interesting. As always, we will review the cards based on cost and useability.

Premier League TOTS Review

Kevin De Bruyne – 97:

We are starting it off with one of the greatest midfielders of this generation. His TOTY version was already out of this world, so I’m expecting a lot more with his TOTS. Compared to his TOTY, he has been downgraded with -1 Pace, -2 Shooting, and upgraded Defense to +4, and Dribbling/Passing/Physicality to +1. Need I say more about him? I mean, it’s Kevin De Bruyne. Whatever you can do, he can do better. Great box-to-box with insane shooting, above average depending, perfect passing, perf… You get the gist of it. If you’re in need of a solid and reliable player for your midfield, look no further than this card right here.

10/10, absolutely insane card.

Erling Haaland – 97:

We all knew his appearance in the TOTS lineup was guaranteed by breaking numerous records in the Premier League in his first season with City, but we were all wondering how his stats were going to look like. It’s finally here and “Jesus Christ” is all that needs to be said. He’s been given a 5* weak foot upgrade alongside and 4* skill moves, and compared to his TOTY, he’s been given +1/+2 across the board. That weak foot upgrade just upped this card to the next level, possibly to the game-breaking tier. Aside from average balance, every stat for Haaland’s TOTS is just perfect as a striker, similar to Ronaldo (Without the 5*/5*, of course). His height and strength in addition to his perfect pace and shooting are just immaculate. What an absolutely cracked card.

10/10, love that 5* WF upgrade; perfect in every way.

Mohamed Salah – 96:

What a great year he’s had for Liverpool, and not only that, but this is his 8th TOTS card in a row! Consistency is the perfect way to describe this man. Compared to his Centurions version, he’s been given a 5* skill move upgrade with 3* WF, and +3/+4 across the board. Sure, EA could’ve upgraded his WF, but we should be glad that they upgraded something! Being able to play up and down the pitch in addition to being creative as a winger is essential and Salah’s an amazing option for that. Great all-around (besides defending) and just a wonderful upgrade for the man, the myth, and the legend.

9/10, what a beauty.

Ruben Dias – 96:

Oh. My. God. We all know how he’s performed for City, so I don’t even wanna talk about that; Rather, I’d like to dive straight into his in-game stats. Compared to his FUT Fantast card, he’s been given +3 in Pace, +4 in Shooting/Dribbling, giving him 99 Reactions/Composure, +6 IN PASSING with a +16 IN CURVE (oh my word), and +3 in Defending/Physicality. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Oh. My. God. What a hell of a card. Near-perfect defending and physicals? Yes, please. Great pace, dribbling, and passing? You betcha. This is just a pristine card, no more, no less. Best believe this is a top-tier auto-defending card right here. Van Dijk who? Lucio who? Sergio Ramos who? This is the man you want in your squad right here.

10/10, I adore this card, oh my word.

Marcus Rashford – 95:

What am I looking at? This is basically the English and taller version of Mbappe, what a cracked card. Compared to his POTM version, he has received a 4* weak foot upgrade with 5* skill moves, +6 in Pace, and +7/+8 to the rest of the stats. This promo just gets better and better, wow. I assume he’ll be rapid on the pitch and with his body type, he’ll just body players like it’s nothing. Aside from that, perfect shooting, passing, dribbling, and pace? “What more do you want from me?!” Amazing option for a left winger. Matter of fact, not amazing – Perfect.

10/10, oh my Lordy Lord.

Harry Kane – 95:

Tottenham has had a really rocky season, albeit Kane having a fantastic year with 25 goals in 34 games. He definitely deserves this TOTS card. Compared to his TOTY HM, he’s been given +3/+4 across the board with +5 in Agility and +7 in Balance alongside 3* SM/5* WF. That agility and balance are much-needed for tall strikers, which is great. I personally am disappointed that he hasn’t received a SM upgrade, but it’s because I’m a rat, being truthful here. However, if you’re a non-skiller, this card is the one for you. No need to perform stepovers or elasticos to get into the box, just have Harry Kane make his way through with his flawless shooting and great pace.

9/10, beautiful upgrade.

Casemiro – 94:

Finally, he’s here! His TOTT card was insane for me as a DM, oh my days. He was where you needed him to be and just an absolute tank on the pitch. I’m really glad they released this version, can’t wait to try him out! Oh yeah, and he’s the greatest CDM in the world. Compared to his TOTT card (his MotM card was not it), he’s been given a +8 Pace upgrade (yes!), +2 in Shooting/Passing/Defense (woo-hoo!), +3 in Dribbling (hell yeah!), and +5 in Physicality (let’s go!). I’ve said enough about Casemiro in the beginning so I’ll just let you guys decide for yourself whether or not he’s a great card. However, I recommend, and I mean highly recommend – If you’re lacking on the defensive side of the field, please give this card a go. I promise, you will not regret it.

10/10. Need a perfect DM? Well, here you go.

Bruno Guimaraes – 93:

Newcastle has been so good this season, which was very shocking for me, and it’s no doubt that Guimaraes has been a huge part of their success. Compared to his FUT Birthday card, he’s been given +2/+3 across the board, with a downgrade to 3* SM/3* WF. I know some of you think that it’s sad that they’ve had to downgrade his skill moves back down, but just be glad that you won’t have to keep spamming elasticos and croquetas in the midfield for fun and end up losing the ball in the end. What a great card, and a perfect to Joelinton as well (OBJ card). Another great box-to-box option. At this point of the game cycle, all upcoming midfielders will be great box-to-box midfielders, but there are definitely going to be cards that perform better or worse than how their face stats look like. Guimaraes is definitely going to rise above his stats, no doubt about it.

8/10, great upgrade.

Bukayo Saka – 93:

We all knew his TOTS card was inevitable, having a perfect season for Arsenal and all that. Now, it’s a bit of a shame that he’s been rated pretty low despite his performance, but my oh my are his stats tasty. Compared to his TOTY HM version, he’s received a 5* WF upgrade with 4* SM, +4/+5 in Pace/Shooting/Passing/Physicality, and a decent +6 boost in Defending. I personally will be using him in this week’s Weekend League, and I will devote all my time and energy to purchase him. Those stats are insane (besides long passing) and alongside his stature and body type, he’s going to be such a solid winger.

8/10, -2 due to rating. Other than that, holy ****.

Gabriel Martinelli – 93:

It’s a little disrespectful how low-rated Arsenal players are in this week’s TOTS lineup, but aside from that, man what a card this is. Compared to his UEL version, he’s been given +2 in Pace, +3 in Dribbling/Shooting/Passing, +4 in Defending, and +5 in Physicality. I find it baffling how well these Arsenal wingers performed perfectly this season, yet their rating is just an insolent move from EA. Moving on from my rant, if you’re looking for a shifty and agile winger who’s rapid and can bang shots while also having the ability to perform great passes, Martinelli’s a great option.

8/10, similar to Saka. Disgrace to rating, but what a card.

Kieran Trippier – 92:

I know people are going to be disappointed with this card just from looking at it. Come on, EA, what is this upgrade? Compared to his WW version, he’s been downgraded to -1 Physicality despite Jumping/Stamina/Aggression being upgraded, +6 in Passing, +4 in Dribbling, a weak +2 Pace upgrade, +1 in Shooting, and another weak +2 Defensive upgrade. This is disappointing to say the least, very disappointing. It’s a decent card nonetheless, okay option as a fullback with nice passing and defending, but just underwhelming. You’ll definitely see him a lot in FUT Champs picks. Hey, it is what it is.

5/10, not a good upgrade whatsoever.

Martin Odegaard – 92:

Yet another disgrace to his rating given his performance this season. I should’ve expected it, but let’s not grovel over that fact. Compared to his POTM, he’s received a +7 in Defense, +3 in Shooting/Passing/Physicality, +2 in Dribbling, and +4 in Pace. Not only that, but his weak foot has finally been upgraded to 3*, which is great for him. What a good-looking card this is. Although he’s a more attacking-minded midfielder as opposed to a box-to-box, he still has the defensive capabilities to maybe steal a couple of balls or two throughout the course of a game. He also has top-tier passing and dribbling, and above-average pace and shooting. Solid CAM right here, just very sad how these Arsenal cards are being disrespected.

7/10, good card, very disappointed in the rating.

William Saliba – 92:

At this point, I’m not surprised with these ratings they’re handing out for the players of Arsenal. Now, compared to his FUT Fantasy, Pace/Defending upgraded to +1, +2 in Physical, and +3 in Passing/Shooting/Dribbling with a downgrade in Agility, Balance, Heading Acc, and Stamina? What? I don’t understand the point of those downgrades, but once again, never question EA’s logic. Aside from that, he still looks like a really good card. I’ve tried his FUT Fantasy out and it was very good for me. Felt really agile on the ball and was great at blocking out shots and being where I needed him to me. I assume this card’s going to be a whole lot better, but again, very sad about the rating.

7/10, beast card, another rating disappointment.

Oleksandr Zinchenko – 92:

Oh my God, another Arsenal card that was demolished by EA. What a surprise. Compared to his FB, he’s been given +4 Shooting, +3 in Passing, and +1/+2 to the rest of the stats. That’s it, nothing really crazy. Is it shocking how I prefer his FB card over this? The upgrades are average and I’d rather choose a fullback with 4* SM/5* WF (or vice versa) than one who can perform slightly better but with no upgrade to skill moves or weak foot. I’m not saying that EA should’ve upgraded his SM/WF because I know that FUT Birthday’s a promo where cards receive 5* SM or 5* WF, but it would’ve been better if they juiced up his stats a little more. It’s TOTS for crying out loud! These cards should be great, not average! Alas, Oleksandr Zincheko, what a card (this is sarcasm).

5/10, not worth the coins spent for this card.

Kaoru Mitoma (OBJ) – 92:

As an objective card, he looks insane. What’s even better is that you don’t have to play a game at all, just grind the menus and you’ll receive this bad boy. Compared to his FUT Fantasy, he’s been given +4 in Defending, +3 in Physicality, and +1/+2 to the rest of the stats. He seems like a great winger who also has the ability to defend if you need him to. In addition to that, having perfect pace and dribbling is all you need for a guy like him. He’ll just outrun defenders and can be very agile for crucial moments like inside the box or being cornered by multiple people. We’re back on track again after those player ratings from Arsenal. If you have the time to spare, definitely complete him.

9/10, what a great objective to grind!

Palhinha (OBJ) – 91:

Now, this is a card worth grinding for. Similar to Mitoma, all you gotta do is grind the menus and you’ll receive him, which is great! Getting both him and Mitoma for free is a steal. Now, I’ve used his P2G card and it was insane. Similar to the likes of Casemiro’s TOTT, he was a force to be reckoned with. Interceptions and tackling were just a way of life for that card, and I expect his TOTS to go above and beyond that. Compared to his P2G, he’s been given +5 in Pace, +3 in Shooting/Passing/Dribbling, and +2 in Defending/Physicality. That’s a really nice upgrade. Physical’s near perfect, defending, passing and dribbling are really good for a CDM, and the pace is at a point where it’s a useable card. If you don’t want him on your team, maybe because he doesn’t link or you don’t like the pace on him, then it’s a great card for fodder too!

9/10, near-perfect DM. If it’s free, it’s for me.

Aaron Ramsdale – 90:

Oh Lord, back to Arsenal again. This is different, though. This time, I personally don’t care. It’s a goalkeeper, and you know how my reviews with goalkeepers are – “Sometimes may be good, sometimes may be ****”. Compared to his IF, he’s been given +5/+6 across the board. What a huge upgrade… if it wasn’t a goalkeeper. Anyways, if you’re looking for a good Premier League link, Ramsdale is a good option. Matter of fact, it doesn’t even matter. Just find a decently-sized GK who links to your team or if you’re a fan of him, then buy him, that’s all. Their stats won’t matter cause they’ll all play the same regardless (except van Der Sar, what a card that is).

5/10 solely for the rating, not the stats.

Ollie Watkins – 89:

As opposed to Palhinha and Mitoma where you have to grind the menus, this is just a simple objective to complete in any game mode. Compared to his IF, he’s been given +7 in Shooting/Dribbling, which is very nice, +3 in Pace, +6 in Passing, and +5 in Defending/Physicality. He’s also received a 5* WF alongside 4* SM, which is a bonus! He’s a free card to complete, and he looks like a great option as a pure striker. However, there are definitely better options than Watkins, so if you’re not looking to complete him cause of that, just complete him anyways for fodder!

7/10, a fun, free card to play with.

Premier League TOTS Moments Review

Raphael Varane – 94:

I don’t even need to talk about this card since we ALL KNOW how he is in-game, but I will for the purpose of giving him a review. Compared to his WW, he has been given +5 in Pace/Shooting/Passing, +6 in Defending, +8 in Physicality, and a whopping +10 in Dribbling despite a downgrade in Balance (-12). Can you believe that? Not the balance, but the upgrade of the card. Everyone, just be ready for meta teams in FUT Champs with this card included. It’s about to get sweaty.

10/10, another auto-defender.

Heung Min Son – 94:

Even though he had a solid season for the Spurs, and I may get bashed for saying this but know that I love him myself – His rating shouldn’t be higher than a majority of the Arsenal players in the lineup. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s look at his card. Compared to his RTTWC version, he’s been given +2 in Physicality, and +3/+4 across the board. This is a really good card, and he’s definitely going to be another card I’m using this week for Champs, but his rating does not reflect his performance this season. Still, I’m glad Sonny’s here and he received a card.

7/10, good card, great fan of him, rating isn’t right.

Reece James – 91:

He’s been injured frequently throughout this season with Chelsea, but man was he a fun player to watch when he was on the pitch. For Reece, he has only received one other special card, and that was his OOP version that plays as a RW. I won’t compare the two because they play different positions, but for a RB, this card looks crazy good. Great defending and physicality, and good dribbling and pace for a fullback. Another solid option for a PL fullback.

8/10, lovely-looking card, nice dynamic.

Allan Saint-Maximin (SBC) – 91:

Right away, he looks like a good card, and similar to Varane, we all know how he plays in-game. Super agile on the ball, very quick and pacey, and alongside that 5* SM, shooting is above average for him. Now, the price of his SBC is definitely pricey, but for a card like him, it’s definitely not overpriced. Compared to his WW, he’s been given +5 in Passing/Defending, +3 in Defending/Pace, +2 in Dribbling, and +6 in Shooting. That is a very nice upgrade and another good option if you’re looking for a pacey winger. If you have the fodder for this card, definitely complete him, you won’t regret it. Otherwise, if you don’t, save it for future SBCs.

8/10, what a great upgrade, price is the only issue.