Trading with Managers

FUT Millionaire #14

What Happened?
In the beginning of every FIFA you can trade with managers.

For example in FIFA 22 French managers were 300 coins and the Bundesliga Manager League items were 200 coins, a combined cost of 500 coins.

You could sell a French Bundesliga manager for around 4.9k which means 4.2k coins profit after EA tax.

That was the best profit possinle, the usual price difference was not as large but a 1k - 3k profit was possible. 

Why Did It Work?
The reason this works is just because of how lazy the casual player is, they would rather buy one item than two, the other reason is that they haven't even thought of it.

What can we learn from it for FIFA 23?
Check popular nation/league combinations. For example every French manger combined with one of the Top 5 leagues should work, check if you can craft the combination for cheaper. If yes, buy it, build it and sell it for profit!