Road To The Final Upgrade Path

By FUT Goeden


What Is The Road To The Final Promo? 

Road to the Final cards are dynamic cards in FIFA Ultimate Team that get a ratings boost as a player's real-life team progresses to the next stage of a European competition, either the UEFA Champions League, Europa League or the Europa Conference League.

Once a team is eliminated from the tournament, the player's RTTF card stops receiving upgrades.

How are the upgrades going to work?

The Road to the Final upgrades are a little bit different from last year. In previous years every time the player's club advanced to the next round, the player received a +1 upgrade. If they won the final he would get a +2 instead of a +1.

Also, this year not every stage is a guaranteed rating increase.

Qualifying for the Round of 16 (or winning the first knockout game for UCL cards) and qualifying for the Quarter Final still gives out +1 upgrades, but if the player reaches the Semi Final, they get a +1 upgrade and 3 new traits! Qualifying for the Final guarantees a 5 star Weak Foot upgrade, and winning the tournament will give out another +1 upgrade, not only that but they will receive a 5* skill move boost too.

Here is the upgrade chart for the UEFA Champions League cards, which is slightly different to previous years.

Here is the upgrade chart for the UEFA Europa League cards, which is slightly different to previous years too, the UEFA Europa Conference League will follow the same pattern as the Europa League.

Which Cards Are Expected To Be Included In The Team? 

It has not been leaked as to whether this is a one or two week promo as of yet but it is likely to follow recent trends and be a two team promo spread across two weeks. 

There are likely to be some exciting cards that could see massive boosts and likely to be some big upsets seeing as Manchester United have FC Barcelona in the first knockout round of the tournament! 

Which Players Should You Buy?  

As we do not currently know the players, we cannot accurately tell you prices yet. 

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