Season 6 Of FIFA 23 Season Progress Has Just Dropped...The Rewards Are Insane!

Season 5 of Season Progress ended this morning and the much awaited Season 6 has arrived titled TOTS Season Swaps, the excitement was merited! We go through the new rewards.

Season Progress Levels 1-5

Level 1-4

Level 1 - Coin boost of 1000 coins for 10 matches

Level 2 - Draft Token Pack

Level 3 - Gold Pack

Level 4 - Lightening Stadium theme

Level 5

Level 5 is the best reward so far! A choice of Team of the Season Moments Giovanni Reyna or A five 85+ Players Pack.

Some of Reyna's stats look insane, a 5* Skills upgrade, 99 Dribbling he also has three new alternate positions. LM, RW and LW.

Very good for only have to get 4700 XP!

Team Of The Season Moments Giovanni Reyna
Stats Tots Moments Giovanni Reyna
TOTS Season Swaps Level 6-10

Level 6-9

Level 6 - Meh... A Power Up Badge... Might be interested if it was a Levelled Up one. 🤭

Level 7 - Premium Gold Pack, again nothing too exciting! 

Level 8 - Roar TIFO (male and female versions)... We know how much we all love TIFO's.

Level 9 - Small Prime Gold Players Pack  

Level 10

Hype OVERLOAD! Another VERY nice reward. A choice of 91 Rated Team of the season Moments Payet or a nice 85 x 10 players pack (Perfect for TOTS). 

Although his primary position is different from his other cards, he still has the same positions (LW, CAM ,ST) on top of this, he also has a 5* Skills upgrade.

He looks like a scary CAM/Striker who will destroy defences. 

Quite easy to attain with only 12600 XP needed too! 

TOTS Moments Payet
Stats Tots Moments Payet
TOTS Swaps Rewards 11-15

Level 11-14

At least these packs start to get better from hereonin.

Level 11 - 80+ Rated Player.

Level 12 - Focused Energy Badge.

Level 13 - 81+ Two Rare Gold Players Pack

Level 14 - (another) TIFO that will most likely get discarded or put into your club and never seen again. 

Level 15

Two really good choices, quite a hard one to choose between, the gamble of a FIFTEEN 83+ Player pack or 90 Rated Team of the season Moments Caicedo

Caicedo has an alternate position of CM and has had a massive upgrade... That 15 83+ pack seems temption though... Right?

To get this pack you will need to hit 26600 XP so shouldn't take too long to get here! 

Stats Tots Moments Caicedo
TOTS Swaps Rewards 11-15

Level 16-19

Level 16 - A Spark Badge.

Level 17 - 83+ Double Player Pack

Level 18 - Electric Roar TIFO 

Level 19 - 83+ Double Player Pack

Level 20

Again some very interesting rewards on offer here, for Level 20 you are spoilt for choice with THREE options to choose from.

Option 1 - A 25 x 84+ Players Pack
Option 2 - FUT Birthday Icon Marcel Desailly
Option 3 - A choice of 1 of 3 EFIGS (Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga or LaLiga) TOTS.


Level 21-24

Level 21 - Three 83+ Players Pack

Level 22 - A Supercharged Badge

Level 23 - Three 83+ Players Pack

Level 24 A Supercharged Roar TIFO

Level 25

By the time we get to Level 25, unless a player is too good to turn down, we will probably just take the pack. An option of Five 85+ Player pack or 92 Rated Flashback Jesus Navas

Navas looks decent with a Skill Move and Weak Foot upgrade (5* Skills 3* Weak Foot) and looks very solid but will most likely have other (better options available in a few weeks time).


Level 26-29

Level 21 - Two 84+ Players Pack

Level 22 - A Lightning Animated TIFO

Level 23 - A Mega Pack

Level 24 - A Rare Mega Pack

Level 30

The final level of Season 6! You have a choice of:

  • 30x 84+ Players Pack
  • FUT Birthday Icon Rooney
  • 1 of 5 Premier League, LaLiga or Ligue 1 TOTS

Manchester United fans will jump at the chance to get a legend into their clubs but the temptation of that TOTS pack may be too strong to turn down! 


New Objectives!

To help start the grind off, EA have added some new objectives! 
Listed below, some are able to be completed immediately giving you up to 11,550 XP (Which would get you just shy of Level 10 by May 1st)

New Season Objectives!

Check out our very own JRyderGaming's opinion on the grind to level 30 below!