Season 7 Shapeshifters Has Just Dropped...The Rewards Are Amazing!

If you'd prefer to watch the rewards, check this video out!

Season 7 rewards have just dropped titled  Season 7 Shapeshifters, with two major changes. 

We now have 40 levels instead of 30 and these 40 levels will be much easier to achieve as you ONLY need 40,000 XP to complete!

Season 7 Shapeshifters Levels 1-5

Level 1-4

Level 1 - Multicolor Stadium Theme

Level 2 -75+ Rare Gold Players Pack

Level 3 - One Team Badge

Level 4 - 83+ Double Player Pack

Level 5

Level 5 is the best reward so far! A choice of Team of the Season Player Pack or A five 85+ Players Pack.

This is a gamble because it will have all of the awful players as well as the likes of Mbappe, Osimhen and Neymar.

Very good for only have to get 5000 XP!

Season 7 Shapeshifters Levels 6-10

Level 6-9

Level 6 - One Team TIFO

Level 7 - 83+ Rare Gold Player Pack

Level 8 - Three 83+ Players Pack

Level 9 - 83+ Double Player Pack

Level 10

Hype OVERLOAD! Another VERY nice reward. A choice of 92 Rated Shapeshifter Thiago Silva (who is now a Striker!) or an 85 x 10 players pack. 

Thiago Silva has 4* Skill Moves and a 5* Weak Foot as well as being able to also play CF.

He looks like a great addition as a Striker who will destroy defences. 

Quite easy to attain with only 10,000 XP needed too! 

Shapeshifter Thiago Silva
Season 7 Shapeshifters Silva
Season 7 Shapeshifters Levels 11-15

Level 11-14

At least these packs start to get better from hereonin.

Level 11 - A One Team Blend Badge

Level 12 - 81+ Two Rare Gold Players Pack

Level 13 - A One Team Blue And Red TIFO 

Level 14 - An 86+ Two Players Pack (Nice reward) 

Level 15

Two really good choices again here, could be a hard decision but will need to see the Shapeshifter team before deciding! The choice is either a Seven 84+ Player pack or Shapeshifters Player Pack

This could be a very hard decision... Right?

To get this pack you will need to hit 15,000XP so shouldn't take too long to get here! 

Season 7 Shapeshifters Levels 16-20

Level 16-19

Level 16 - A One Team Blend TIFO.

Level 17 - 85+ Two Player Pack

Level 18 - A One Team Blue and Red TIFO 

Level 19 - 84+ Rare Gold Player Pack

Level 20

Again some very interesting rewards on offer here, for Level 20 you are given two options to choose from.

Option 1 - A Fantasy FUT Park Ji Sung 
Option 2 - A 25 x 84+ Player Pick

I know which one I would be taking... I have been offered Park about eight times in my Hero packs already... 

Level 29 reward Fantasy FUT Park Ji Sung
Season 7 Shapeshifters Levels 21-25

Level 21-24

Level 21 - A One Team Multicolor 1 TIFO

Level 22 - An 81+ Two Rare Gold Player Pack

Level 23 - A One Team Multicolour 2 TIFO

Level 24 - An 86+ Two Players Pack 

Level 25

In Season 6 we said "By the time we get to Level 25, unless a player is too good to turn down, we will probably just take the pack."

 In Season 7 we ONLY have an option of a Five 85+ Player pack 

Season 7 Shapeshifters Levels 26-30

Level 26-29

Level 26 - Another One Team Multicolour Badge

Level 27 - 81+ Two Rare Gold Players Pack

Level 28 - 10 x 82+ Rare Players Pack

Level 29 - A One Team Multicolor TIFO

Level 30

The 30th level of Season 7! Another interesting choice... You have a choice of:

  • 30x 84+ Players Pack
  • Shapeshifter Kroos

Los Blancos fans will jump at the chance to get a legend into their clubs I am all for it too as this looks like an insane card with a Skill Moves upgrade givin him 5*5*! Adding to this he can play CAM or CF as a secondary position!

Season 7 Shapeshifters Toni Kroos
Season 7 Shapeshifters Level 31-35

Level 31-34

Level 31 - 85+ Two Players Pack

Level 32 - 83+ Rare Gold Player Pack

Level 33 - One Team Gold Tifo (oooooh shiny!)

Level 34 - A 1 of 3 85+ Rare Gold Players Pack (seems a bit tight at this stage!)

Level 35

The 35th level of Season 7! Nearly done now! 

  • 85+ x10 Players Pack
  • A PlayerPickItemDesc23_4328

The player pick could be interesting but we currently haven't a clue what it is! This will be updated as soon as we know.

Player Pick
Season 7 Shapeshifters Level 36-40

Level 36-39

Level 36 - A Multicolored ANIMATED TIFO

Level 37 - Three 84+ Players Pack TIFO

Level 38 - 5 x85+ Players Pack

Level 39 - An 86+ Two Players Pack

Level 40

The 40th level of Season 7! The first opportunity where you will have three choices and it will be a fun choice... You can have any of:

  • Trophy Titans Icon Del Piero (500k at time of writing)
  • 25 x85+ Players Pack
  • 1 of 4 90+ Prime/TOTY/FBDAY/TT Icon Pick

I would discard the first option, by this point he will be a lot, lot cheaper and there will be a lot more fun cards to play with. It would be a straight shootout between option two and three.  I'd probably gamble on the 85+ pack as hopefully the pack weight will be better by then but you could wait and see once people start opening them! 

Player Pick

New Objectives!

EA have removed all XP barring Daily and Weekly objectives (for now). No doubt new objectives will be added but it is possible to hit 2,250XP on day 1 getting you to level 2