FC 24 Millionaire #5 

Risks Of Sniping Extinct Cards

What happened?
In FIFA 20 Lautaro Martinez TOTGS came out at a maximum Buy It Now price of 120k and went extinct. During the Lightening Rounds he was sniped a lot, everyone who sniped him was waiting for the price range to update so that they could sell, when it finally came, he dropped rapidly to 60k and over the next few days to 30k meaning huge losses for anyone who held him.

Why did it fail?
Lautaro Martinez played really well during UCL group stages, so the FIFA community were expecting him to be in the TOTGS team.

At the time the card was released he already had an 84 rated team of the week which was really popular during the early stages of FIFA 20, therefore the there was a general concensus that his TOTGS would be very good.

Due to this he was bought by the masses during the first Lightning Round. The hype around him was so high that he became extinct. Due to this, people started trying to snipe him thinking he was a good investment and a quick flipping opportunity.

It is important to understand at this point that the majority of buyers werent doing so to use the card in their teams but to sell him for a massive profit once the price range was updated.
When the update happened the market was flooded by sellers, people very quickly undercut the lowest price causing mass panic. The demand in the card couldn’t compensate the supply from the ‘traders’ who mass listed all their 'investments'.

What can we learn from it for FC 24?
FIFA 23 Millionaire #4 should have given you useful information to understand when/why cards rise after a price range update. The current case should give you the knowledge to understand when you should better stay away from sniping extinct players.

These are the key questions you need to answer yourself:
- Was the card hyped up on social media before? 
- Compared to similar priced cards, is he expensive in comparison?
- Do I see a lot of people advising to snipe him on social media?

We will always give our opinions about extinct players in the Discord but keep in mind:
There is no definitive answer as to when an extinct card will rise or fall after the price range update, there will always be risk involved.