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League Upgrade Breakdown

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FIFA 23 League Upgrades are now live in Ultimate team and we only have a few days left until the full Team Of The Year is released in packs. 

If you want to pack a Team of the Year card, the League Upgrade SBC's are an integral part to make sure it happens, they are very good for recycling cards back into packs.

For each league there are two SBC's a normal and a premium version for each of the top five leagues.

On top of this, there are Team of the Year SBC objective sets giving players even more packs.

SBC Requirements

For each of the top 5 leagues there are two SBC's, a premium version and a normal one. 

Premium League SBC

Requirements: 11 Rare Gold cards
Rewards: Premium League Pack (8 players from the specific league with 3 Rare cards!
Cost: 7.8k

League SBC

Requirements: 11 Gold cards
Rewards: Premium League Pack (3 players from the specific league with 1 Rare card! Cost: 7.15k

Pack Probability 

The main reason we are crafting packs this is to get our hands on our very own Team of the Year card, so the question we want answered is 'what packs are advisable to open to get the best rewards'.

The most important thing is, when you are creating packs, make sure that you use all duplicate cards in an SBC and don't discard any, this will allow you to make a lot more packs with a lower coin balance. If you need advice on how to craft packs efficiently, check out our guide here.

It isn't possible to know the exact drop rate of each card however judging on previous years Goalkeepers are the easiest to pack with the other positions rarity based roughly on their price (Therefore Mbappe will have a lower drop rate in packs than Modric for example).

Due to the fact that we are not told what the chance of packing every card is, it adds a little more complexity to choosing the best league to grind packs for, below we will go through and give our opinion on each league

League Upgrade ToTY

Premier League Upgrade SBC's

First of all, seeing that the Premier League has 144 rares (of which over 80% are 85 rated or below) is definitely a negative for this league to be our preferred choice.

The Premier League does have a few things going for it though, one of the Hero choices is Yaya Toure and you also have the second highest amount of in forms for ToTW 12 (88 Thiago Silva and 85 Marcus Rashford are the best two options.) 

The last thing to take into account is the fact the drop rate in packs for Van Dijk and De Bruyne will be higher than most of the Ligue 1 options and therefore should hopefully bear rewards when opening the Premier League Packs. 

The only other factor that may change this is when Nominee cards are in packs as we do not know how many players will be from the Prem. 

Rating: 3rd choice

Serie A Upgrade SBC's

Serie A is definitely in the bottom two in terms of return, they have a lot of lower rated rare cards and not so many high rated cards, only 10 out of 84 are 86 rated or higher, it's compounded by the fact that although Theo Hernandez is one of the best Left Backs in the game, he is still the only ToTY in the Serie A league packs.

The Hero cards do offer a major draw with the opportunity to pack Lucio, Cordoba and Di Natale. 

Rating: 4th choice

La Liga Upgrade SBC's

Want to pack a the mythical blue cards? This is definitely the best league to start with.

As we said earlier, Goalkeepers are the easiest to pack, it is highly likely therefore that Courtois is yourbest chance of packing oen, he's also likely to be your second too...

Added to this, Benzema and Modric are the cheapest attacker and midfielder in the squad, and Militao isn't too expensive, they should have a good drop rate (in comparison to other ToTY cards. 

If your main goal is to solely pack a blue then this is definitely the leagueto run with, the only drawback to this is that they aren't the most desirable Team of the Year cards. 

Ranking: 1st choice

Ligue 1 Upgrade SBC's

Mbappe, Messi, Hakimi... 

If your aim is to pack the best players, this is the one you want to do. 

To add to this, they have the lowest amount of rares (46), some decent rated in forms (ToTW 12) plus the chance of a Hero Ginola which isn't to be sniffed at.  

Also, due to the smaller amount of Rare players, expect to do a lot more recycling! 

Ranking: 2nd choice

Bundesliga Upgrade SBC's

Personally, I don't like the odds with this SBC.

Around the same odds as packing a ToTY Bellingham as Hernandez, although I feel Hernandez has more of a pull. 

To add to this, there are no in form cards from the Bundesliga in ToTW 12 plus the only Hero who would be remotely acceptable is Voller (the rest are not very exciting).

Ranking: Last


There are two clear stand outs here, La Liga and Ligue 1.

It mainly depends on whether you want the good ToTY's or the more likely to pack. 

If you need help in advice on how to craft packs check out our guide here and if have any trading questions feel free to join our Discord, you can access Premium for a FREE 7 day trial or our Community section where you can become part of one of the best servers out there!

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