The New Season Of EA FC Has Dropped With Some Changes...


Season two of the NEW FC 24 Season has arrived with lots of new packs, there are some exciting new rewards, check it out all here!

As the title points out, this Season is split into two halves, named Season 2 Act 1, this would also explain why we only have 20 levels.

Level 1-4

Level 1 - Movember Home Kit

Level 2 - Movember Stadium Theme

Level 3 - Three 81+ Attackers Players Pack

Level 4 - #EFLTogether

Level 5

Level 5 is the best reward so far! Normally though, we get a choice between a few options however this time it's just a 82+ x2 Players Pack.

Very good for only have to get 5000 XP!

Level 6-9

Level 6 - Movember TIFO

Level 7 - 82+ X2 Rare Gold Players

Level 8 - 1 of 3 83+ Rare Gold Players

Level 9 - 83+ X3 Rare Gold Players

Level 10

The first player pick choice! 

The Premier League's Awoniyi, La Liga Van der Heyden and Serie A's Zirkzee, none are too exciting and look much like fodder. Awoniyi probably looks the most usable to me! 

Quite easy to attain with only 10,000 XP needed too! 

Level 11-14

At least these packs start to get better from hereonin.

Level 11 - 83+ Rare Gold Player Pack

Level 12 - 1 of 3 83+ Rare Gold Player Pick

Level 13 - 83+X2 Gold Players Pack

Level 14 - 84 C3 Rare Gold Players Pack

Level 15

A choice of three players here again, these all see quite usable too! 

You have a choce of The Brentford's OnyekaAlmeria's Ramazani and Inter's Klaasen, none are going to set the world on fire but would be a good bench warmer. 

This is mainly going to be down to which league you use. 

To get this pack you will need to hit 15,000XP so shouldn't take too long to get here! 

Level 16-18

Level 16 - 84+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack

Level 17 - 81+ X11 Rare Gold Players Player Pack

Level 18 - 85+ X2 Rare Gold Players Player Pack

Level 19

The first Storyline cards to be released this year! 

These players haven't just been juiced but also have been given a playstyle!

Option 1 - Alex Iwobi
Option 2 - Axel Witsel
Option 3 - Rick Karsdorp

Level 20

The first level to act one! 

Is an 'amazing' 87+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack

If you'd prefer to watch the rewards, check this video out!