TOTW Upgrade Evolution – EA FC 24

Electronic Arts has just unveiled the latest addition to the FIFA Ultimate Team experience with the introduction of the TOTW Upgrade evolution. This release is tailored specifically for Team of the Week cards, giving the community the power to influence and select the players they most desire to enhance their football club. Let’s delve into the details of this latest evolution and explore how these top 5 cards fit onto your team.

Top 5 Cards for TOTW Upgrade Evolution

Pau Torres – 88:

Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 2*/3*

Work Rate: Medium/High

Playstyles: Quick Step, Long Ball Pass, Power Header, Incisive Pass

Preferred Chem Style: Shadow

Although his pace is a bit under the power curve in the current game cycle, you can’t overlook those defending and physical stats. Not only that, but dribbling and passing are very, very solid for a defender. Torres may not have the ideal playstyles for a CB, but as long as he’s on a Shadow playstyle, he’s going to be a top choice for this evolution.

David Alaba – 88

Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 3*/4*

Work Rate: Medium/High

Playstyles: Dead Ball, Anticipate, Quick Step, Incisive Pass

Preferred Chem Style: Shadow

Another great choice for the TOTW evolution! Very healthy boost for Alaba (not like he needed one), giving him insane defending as well as top-tier passing and dribbling for a defender. As a pure CB, he’s perfect, but if you want more production out of this card, play him at the midfield, which makes the most out of his in-game stats.

Saul – 87

Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 3*/4*

Work Rate: High/Medium

Playstyles: Finesse Shot, Quick Step, Incisive Pass

With this upgrade, Saul’s IF seems to be useable. Very great in-game stats all around, especially with his dribbling and pace getting a much-needed boost. A very fun card with good links! He may not look meta, but if you’re willing to put this card into the evolution, you won’t regret it.

Morales – 86:

Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 4*/4*

Work Rate: High/Medium

Playstyles: Incisive Pass, Rapid, Trivela, Quick Step, Power Shot

He’s my favorite out of all the choices for this evo. Why? 4*/4*, decent playstyles for a ST, amazing dribbling and shooting, great pace, as well as 87 short passing & 80 long passing. The only con to this card is stamina (76), but other than that, with the boost, Morales looks to be an immaculate attacker who offers some nice links being Spanish and in LaLiga.

Adrien Tameze – 85:

Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 3*/3*

Work Rate: Medium/High

Playstyles: Incisive Pass, Quick Step, Technical

No defensive playstyles for Tameze, but my oh my does this card looks sweet as a defensive midfielder. Great pace, perfect dribbling, and amazing defending and physicality aside from defensive awareness (77). If you haven’t put him into a previous evolution, now’s your chance to boost this card’s in-game stats!