Positional Powerhouses: A Review of the Top 5 Cards in Each Position in EA FC 24

The FIFA community is abuzz with excitement as EA FC 24 inches closer to its grand kickoff. As we count down the seconds, it’s time we dive into the top 5 cards for each position.

Note that:

  • I will not go in-depth with their in-game stats just in case their stats may change once the game officially releases.
  • I will not talk about their traits as I have no knowledge of how it works out in-game. However, when released, I will create an article and make a comprehensive analysis of how the traits work and its benefits.
  • Similar with GKs, we don’t know how they’ll play in-game, so I will not review them without knowing how their playstyle is to prevent misinformation.
  • I will also not review heroes because their work rates & SM/WF have not been released, which we all know impacts how meta the card is.
Top 5 Positions

Top 5 Attackers

  1. Kylian Mbappe – 91:

We all expected Mbappe to take the top spot, just look at those stats! 5* SM/4* WF with H/M work rates, amazing. As expected, he will be very expensive at the start of the game, but if you’re able to pack him OR buy him with coins (through our trading server, of course), then that’s your striker spot locked for a couple of months.

2. Caroline Hansen – 90

Regardless of whether or not you agree with women being in the game, you can’t overlook their stats. 5* SM/4* WF with H/L work rates? 89 Pace, 86 Shooting, and 90 Dribbling? Yes, please! She’ll provide good Barcelona and LaLiga links, making her a top choice for the start of the game cycle.

3. Neymar Jr – 89:

With Neymar’s transfer from PSG to Al Hilal, the lack of links is what’ll lead to his decreased price in EA FC 24, but if you manage to have a couple meta Saudi League players alongside him, great! That’s your LW position locked for a while. 5*/5* with H/L work rates is immaculate, and with how he’s always played in-game, best believe we’ll see him in many Weekend League teams.

4. Heung Min Son – 87:

Regardless of his downgrade, Son is still Son. 4*/5* with H/M work rates is needed for a winger/midfielder. He’ll definitely be a threat to be reckoned with on the pitch, especially when it comes to critical opportunities in the box, with his above-average Shooting.

5. CHEAP BEAST – Ben Yedder – 83:

Do I need to say anything about the Rat King himself? He may have received a downgrade, in addition to being cheap on the market, but that won’t stop him from performing his best out on the field. With 4*/5* and H/L work rates, he’ll be a perfect ST for dribbling around defenders inside the box.

Top 5 Midfielders

  1. Alexia Putellas Segura – 91:

What a card. 5*/5* for a midfielder in the start of the game cycle is mind-boggling. She is by far the best midfielder you can get out there. She’ll definitely feel fluid on the ball alongside with her insane Passing, just threading the needle to wherever she needs to.

2. Federico Valverde – 88:

Valverde has received a massive upgrade, making him the 2nd gold card a part of the Gullit Gang (1st being Goretzka). 3*/4* with H/H work rates is what you need for a card of that caliber. If you’re running a LaLiga theme for your starting squad, don’t forget to make this man an addition to your team, you won’t regret it.

3. Frenkie de Jong – 88:

My favorite gold card from last year is back! From personal experience, I can say with heart and chest that he is an amazing card. Amazing Dribbling and Passing with decent Defense and Physical is perfect for De Jong, allowing him to do a little bit of everything on the pitch.

4. Sandro Tonali – 86:

Such a beautiful-looking card. With his move to Newcastle, he’s going to provide a lot of Premier League teams, making him a card to look out for. 3*/4* with M/H work rates is ideal for a DM, and with his stats, he’ll be a defensive mess on the field.

5. CHEAP BEAST – Emre Can – 83:

We expect him to cheap simply because of sub-80 pace, but if you overlook that stat, he’s a well-rounded midfielder, excelling in defense. 3*/4* with M/H work rates, with the ability to body anyone in his way makes him a great pick for your started squad.

Top 5 Defenders

  1. Eder Militao – 86:

What a tank Militao is. With how he plays in-game, he’ll feel fluid in addition to just defending anything in his way. Granted, he’ll be a bit expensive with amazing Pace for a defender, but if you manage to get him somehow, GG to you.

2. Jules Kounde – 85:

An 85 rated card with these stats is criminal. I’m not complaining considering how much of an impact he’ll be on the field.

3. Ronald Araujo – 86:

Another LaLiga card that’s a beast, but we all expected this to happen, with a majority of the world-class defenders in the same league. Araujo throughout the cycle of FIFA 23 has been a top choice CB, and I assume it’ll be the same for EA FC 24. Top defending and physical, with good-enough pace will make him a beast.

4. Kyle Walker – 84:

I just had to squeeze Walker at 4. With an overall upgrade, it won’t make a difference as to how he plays in-game. Shifty while simultaneously being a defensive monster on the field gives you the best of both worlds.

5. CHEAP BEAST – Ferland Mendy – 82:

This is obviously a joke since Mendy’s always been expensive at the beginning of every FIFA, being 4*/5* and all, but who knows? There’s a lot of anomalies to analyze. Maybe women fullbacks might be the meta, which will cause his price to drop, or he just doesn’t feel as good as he should with his decrease in overall, but one thing we know for sure: It’s still Mendy.