TOTY Warm-Up Case Study

By Zinhja

A couple of days ago, I went all in 86s at ~6.7k.

I will explain why I did that and what you can still do in the following article.

Reasoning and Timing

In the past, we always saw a good rise of 83-86 fodder cards from early Jan until mid Jan. The reasoning behind that is the ‘TOTY Warm Up’ that usually comes the week before TOTY with a lot of nice packs and SBCs like the 85+ x3 ATT/DEF/MID SBCs.

Since a majority of the community is going to complete them, the demand for the needed fodder is very high and prices go up.

Examples from FIFA 23:

83s: 800 –> 1.5k

84s: 3k –> 5k

85s: 7k –> 13k

86s: 12k –> 18k

More examples from FIFA 22:

83s: 1k –> 2.5k

84s: 2.2k –> 4.7k

85s: 5.2k –> 9.3k

86s: 10k –> 15k

Of course rises like this are not guaranteed. Which ratings have the best rise always depends on the exact requirements which we don’t know before… I only went for 86s because I was lazy

But the trend should be clear 🙂

Can you still buy?

Prices already went up a bit in the last days, but TOTY Warm Up isn’t even here yet. Can’t imagine they don’t rise more with the SBCs on the horizon.

Special Case – IFs

Last year, I didn’t like them that much but considering the fodder IF situation this year, I would also consider picking some IFs up at <33k. Risk should be as low as the 83+ x10 SBC that is here for the next week, and should, worst case scenario, keep prices stable.

This mainly covered what to pick up BEFORE TOTY. In the next few days, I will post another analysis about what to look for DURING TOTY.

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