How to trade with Road to the Knockouts

Learn how to trade with the first official promo team of EA FC 24! Note that there are different ways to trade with RTTKs. Some are safer, some are riskier, some have more potential, some less, but after reading this article, you will possess all the tools needed to become a master trader with these cards!

First Hour Flips – High Risk/High Potential

This early in the game, we usually don’t get lightning rounds, which means there is only one big wave of supply coming on the market: Saved up packs + promo packs at 6pm.

This ‘wave of supply’ should hit for 30-50 minutes.

After this, the prices will stabilize for a moment until the demand of all the people who want to buy all these new nice live cards overcomes the supply and the cards start to rise.

After a while, the cards stabilize a bit, and sell for profit.

This is definitely the riskiest part of this thread because you need a very good feeling about:

  • Which player has the most potential (Can’t really say without seeing actual prices, but someone like Diaz for example should definitely be interesting)
  • There is no formula for when exactly the rise begins, you need to monitor cards all the time to find that moment
  • Same goes for the peak, there also is no formula here, you just have to make a decision when you are happy with the profit and sell

Also keep in mind, in case we get lightning rounds, we have more waves of supply which changes the pattern. I recommend doing this if you already have some experience with it. For everyone else, there are much safer ways to make coins coming, so stay tuned.

Overnight Flips – Risky/Good Potential

Usually the cards come back down during the night and then rise in the morning again. The risky part here is not if the rebound in the morning is happening – It’s just about when the lowest point in the night is.

Once again, there is no formula here. Monitoring cards all the time is required. What is a bit easier though is the player selection. Most of the time it’s exactly these cards that had the best rises the evening before that also have a good rise next morning.

Sunday to Monday Flips – Risky/Solid Potential

Very similar to overnight flips from Friday to Saturday. After Saturday morning, you should see cards dropping over the weekend with supply until Sunday 6 P.M. supply. Then the supply stops and people start to hype up the cards for the upcoming matches a few days later.

Here I would focus on cards that have easier opponents in their next game as they have better ‘hype potential‘.

Sell time should be Monday afternoon/night at latest.

Then coming closer and going into the actual games on Tuesday – Thursday, there will be a lot of panic buying and selling depending on match results. I personally would completely stay away from this.

OOP Hype Investments – Safe/Decent Potential

On Thursday night, cards should have reached a solid low point to buy just before they go out of packs the day after. Here we look to buy cards that have good potential to rise once going out of packs in the hype.

From the image above, you see a few examples from last year. There are only 10 days between buy time and sell time. There is no real secret here. Just buy the cards that look best and have good chances to get both upgrades.

Let the community do the rest, the hype will come.

Perfect sell time is not that easy, but it doesnt really matter here. You don’t need to hit the highest point. Who cares if we make 53k or 56k profit? Just make sure to sell safely before the next game.

Repeating Hype Investments – Safe/Decent Potential

There are always some favorites who surprisingly lose/don’t win. These are easy targets to buy into again. Lets just say Bayern loses against Copenhagen, Laimer RTTK would be a solid target after the drop. As people very soon will realize that Bayern still has very good chances to go through and hype him up again, you sell again before the next game to take the safe coins.

Gambles – RISK Y (No surprise)

I personally am not the biggest fan of gambles. However if you want to gamble on cards and actually hold them into games, I will at least tell you which ones are the best.

Avoid the favorites. Don’t ‘gamble’ on Bayern, City etc. They are expected to get both upgrades, and they won’t rise much more if they actually get the upgrades. They might even drop because of overinvestment.

Focus on the cards that look to be out and therefore are very low anyway. If they actually get knocked out, they will not drop a crazy amount more but if they surprisingly go through, they will explode, a prime example being Moses Simon from last year.

RTTK Overlook Example – Killiann Sidillia

Sidillia is a card that I like a lot as an option to pick up on Thursday/Friday before going out of packs.

  • Good nation
  • Can play CB
  • Should win both against Topola
  • Already won the difficult game in Piräus, so good chances to go through

Hope this helped you!

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