FIFA 23 Trophy Titans Are Here!

FIFA Ultimate Team enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for the latest updates and promotions from EA.

With the highly anticipated Trophy Titans Team 1 being released today, players are buzzing with excitement in hopes that they'll pack an absolute beast.

This latest promo is sure to be a game-changer with promising cards getting boosted stats, making them a great addition to your team.

We'll take a look at the new promo, Trophy Titans Team 1, and review each of the players being released, giving them a score from a scale of 1-10 based on usability and cost

FIFA 23 Trophy Titans

Trophy Titans Team One Review

Trophy Titans Team One Icons

Trophy Titans Zidane

97 - Zinedine Zidane 

Zidane has always been meta, and with his Trophy Titans card just now being released, he is just going to be absolutely amazing in-game.

Comparing this to his Prime Icon, he has received +1 Pace, +6 Defending with a huge jump in Defensive Awareness from 64 to 80, and +2 Physical.

That massive boost in awareness is going to make Zidane a sensational clinical box-to-box midfielder, in addition to having 5*/5*. Now, he is going to be expensive right off the bat, but considering that it's Zidane, it's not surprising.

A solid 10/10 card, worth every coin.

Trophy Titans Del Piero

95 - Alessandro Del Piero 

Del Piero's Prime Icon was a hit or miss, depending on your playstyle. However, his Trophy Titans card just received a 5* upgrade in skill moves, which is insane. He received +3's across the board with a +14 in Balance, a +6 Pace increase, and a +5 Physical.

Although his strength and balance are lacking, he is just an absolutely unreal card. Face stats look insane and now with that 5*/5* combo, he'll be an absolutely monster on the pitch.


Trophy Titans Bergkamp

94 - Dennis Bergkamp 

Next on the list is the Ajax/Arsenal legend himself. His previous icon cards are a bit disappointing for a player in his caliber, but his Trophy Titans card came back for redemption.

His 94 has received a 5* upgrade in skill moves, which is amazing. His shooting and dribbling for a CF is superb, and alongside his astonishing passing, he'll be a very-loved card in the community. 

Another 10/10.

Trophy Titans Torres

94 - Fernando Torres

What. A. Beautiful. Card. I adore the dynamic image they've given to Torres holding up the trophy with his time in Chelsea. Aside from the image, he has been +2-+3's across the board, in addition to a 5* weak foot upgrade. El Nino has always been great, but this card just took it to the next level.

He is, in my opinion, a top favorite of mine out of this promo simply for what he can do in game: Headers, trivela shots, finesse shots, you name it.

10/10 for Torres.

Trophy Titans Bergkamp

93 - Dennis Bergkamp (Objective)

Now, there are two versions of him: A 93 that can be completed via objective, and a 94 on the market. There is only a slight difference between the two, with a -2 across the board, however, the 94 has +5 more balance than the objective card.

Regardless of that, his objective card is still sick and not only is it useable, it's free to complete too! It may take hours upon hours of grinding to accomplish based on the numerous amount of tasks, but it'll be worth every second. 


Trophy Titans Keane

93 - Roy Keane (SBC) 

WHAT IS THIS CARD? This is spectacular. +11 in pace, much needed, +6 in Defending and Dribbling and huge increases in important areas, a +4 in Physical, and +3 in Shooting and Passing, AND A 3* skill move/4* weak foot upgrade. Amazing is all I can say for this card.

Not only is he useable, but that SBC is worth around ~432k, which is crazy value! His only downside is his links, but if you get past that, you'll see that he's an absolute beast of a CDM and I bet he'll play like one in-game.

This SBC is a must-do. 9/10

Trophy Titans Klose

93 - Miroslav Klose

At the time of creating this article, his card has dropped to 169k on the market, which is outrageous. His card not only received a 4* skill moves/5* weak foot upgrade,. but he also received a +2 increase in most stats, with a +3 in Dribbling and a much-needed boost in agility and balance, and +1 Physical. 

He is finally useable! His balance, agility and passing is still a let-down even with the increase, but he is going to be an insane pure striker, getting goals left and right when you need it the most. 

7/10, great value for a card like Klose.

Trophy Titans Casillas

93 - Iker Casillas

Casillas' previous icons were a goal-saving machine; his ability to position himself and prevent tap-ins and easy goals was just ridiculous. I don't expect any less of his Trophy Titans card.

However, it is a GK and like all GK's in the game, as Gennaro Gattuso once said "Sometimes may be good, sometimes may be ****."


Trophy Titans Lahm

93 - Philipp Lahm

For a card like him and how he plays in-game, this is going to be scary for people who go against him. +2 and +3's across the board, and a 4* skill moves upgrade, is just beautiful. His versatility in terms of his position allows him to play anywhere on the field, but we already knew that.

Top-notch defending? Check. High-level passing and dribbling? Check. Pace? Check. He hits all the boxes for a great DM or fullback.


Trophy Titans Lahm

92 - Philipp Lahm

You're joking- not another one?! Just a slight -1 and -2 decrease in stats for this card, and has been reverted to 3*/3*, but that doesn't make him any less interesting.

My previous reasoning with his 93 card applies to this card - How he's flexible at any position and with unreal defending makes him a beast.


Trophy Titans Carlos

92 - Roberto Carlos

What more do I need to say about Roberto Carlos? He's already a legend in real life and in FUT, and all of his FIFA cards show how much of an icon he really is to the community.

5* skill moves has been added to this card, and although he only received a +1 in Pace, Shooting, and Passing, that doesn't take his credibility away of being one of the greatest fullbacks in the game.

Agile, great with the ball, insane defending and physical, and FREE KICKS! - He's what you want as a defender. 

He's always one of the more expensive defenders, but he's worth it, 9/10.

Trophy Titans Ferdinand

92 - Rio Ferdinand

A +5 increase in Dribbling for Ferdinand is unbelievable, AND they upped his balance and agility? His defending, pace, and physical was good enough and they increased that too? Wow.

He's definitely going to feel a lot better in-game and just straight up an auto defender.


Trophy Titans Essien

91 - Michael Essien

+1's and 2's across the board for Essien. He's always been such a solid CDM in-game, however his only issue is his links, which is why at the time of writing this article, he's 583k.

However, if you don't care for that, he's one of the best options at that position.


Trophy Titans Del Piero

88 - Del Piero

Not entirely sure what's the reason for this card, since it's a downgrade from his 93 and 4*/4* only.

I can suspect he's going to be cheaper than his Baby Icon due to that downgrade in weak foot, so it's most definitely not worth trying to buy him in the market unless you're a big fan of him.

Now of course, his TT is still a decent card, it's just he has better versions of himself out on the market. 


Trophy Titans Torres

86 - Fernando Torres

Same reasoning with Del Piero, he has better cards out there and although I love El Nino, it's just not worth getting. 


Trophy Titans Team One Heroes

Trophy Titans Lúcio

91 - Lucio

I never thought I'd have to see another special Lucio card again this year, but I was mistaken. I don't have to say much for this card since his World Cup card has been meta for months and the way he plays on the pitch, but his upgraded stats are ridiculous. +1 and 2's across the board, wow. 


Trophy Titans Touré

90 - Yaya Toure

I also thought that I'd never have to see another special Toure card this year aside from his WC card, but I ALSO was wrong with that. I didn't think that his previous special card needed upgrading, but I guess I can't question EA's logic when it comes to promos.

He has +1 and 2 on his face stats compared to his WC card, and insane box-to-box midfielder and his 4*/4* just makes him one of, if not the greatest midfielder in the game. 


Trophy Titans Ljungberg

89 - Freddie Ljungberg

His WC card was so good when it first came out, but as new promos released every week, he slowly fell out of relevancy and eventually out of the power curve.

This is how I'm feeling with this card. Now, I'm not saying his current TT card is not useable, with +1's and +2's, there's just a lot of better options out there with better value.

However, if you're looking for a cheap winger, then Ljungberg is the right one for you. 4*/4* is great and his shooting, dribbling and passing is great, excluding his 79 Long Passing stat. He feels decent in game, but depending on your playstyle, you either love him or you hate him!


Trophy Titans Donovan

89 - Landon Donovan

Last but not least, Landon Donovan himself. Where I'm from, we regard Donovan as the "greatest American footballer ever." His FIFA card resembles that.

I may be a bit biased because I loved him during his time in the MLS, but he is just unreal in-game. His rocket of a foot bangs goals like it's nothing, and his dribbling is just so smooth.

The fact that he's 65k is understandable due to lack of links, but he's just someone you want on your team solely for his great positioning and shooting.


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