Trophy Titans Team 2 Is Here!

With Trophy Titans Team 1 out of the way, Trophy Titans Team 2 comes in for the spotlight, featuring game-changing players and massive in-game boosts to their previous cards! Today, we’ll take a look at the highly anticipated Trophy Titans Team 2 and dive deeper into their cards, reviewing them to see if they’re worth it or not based on useability and cost.

Trophy Titans Team 2 Review

Trophy Titans Team Two Icons

Trophy Titans Ronaldo

Ronaldo – 97:

I don’t think I need to say much about this card, let alone think that he even needed an upgrade, but nonetheless, here he is. Ronaldo is one of the cards that everyone wants in their team but can’t have due to his price. His Trophy Titans version is no different. He received +1’s in Shooting, Passing, and Dribbling, and a massive increase in aggression. An unbelievable card and plays very well in-game, and I don’t expect any less from this version, but for how expensive he’s going to be, getting him is a dream (unless you join our trading Discord).

10/10, unreal.

Trophy Titans Baresi

Franco Baresi – 95:

One of the best CB’s to ever play the game of football has received a whopping +14 pace compared to his prime icon, which finally makes him useable! His vision has also been boosted up to an 80, which is amazing for a CB. His defending and physical don’t need to be talked about, as they’re already top-tier, but with the upgrade he received, he will definitely feel amazing on the pitch.

10/10, insane upgrade.

Trophy Titans Xavi

Xavi -95:

Xavi was one of those players in the game who I thought was disrespected, but this card definitely displays his talents on the pitch in real life. He has received a 4* weak foot upgrade, and with a +4 in interceptions and +6 in standing tackle, he’s going to be a solid box-to-box midfielder for your team.

10/10, worth it? Absolutely.

Trophy Titans Van Basten

Marco van Basten – 95:

van Basten was a card I personally was hyped for before the release of the lineup, and he did not disappoint. A 5* weak foot upgrade and a +5 in pace, +3 in dribbling, and a huge increase in physical as well as a +6 in Balance. For non-skillers, this card is unreal. Not receiving a skill move upgrade is a bit of a let-down, but we can’t have everything in life, can we? His prime icon was just absolutely clinical in shooting and positioning as a ST, and I expect his TT version to be top-tier in those areas.

8/10, great card, disappointed with no skill move upgrade.

Trophy Titans Gerrard

Steven Gerrard – 94:

Gerrard is finally a part of the Gullit Gang! His icons are always a disappointment, but this version is definitely more appealing. A +5 pace upgrade and + 3’s across the board, with A MASSIVE +11 increase in balance. Not only that, but a 5* weak foot upgrade is amazing! He’s going to be another solid choice as a box-to-box midfielder along with Xavi, and with those unreal passing and dribbling stats, he’ll just feel fluid in-game.

9/10, huge upgrade.

Trophy Titans Owen

Michael Owen – 94:

Wow. Just wow. 5* skill moves on Owen? That’s all FIFA had to say and I would have instantly been sold. +3’s in Pace, Shooting and Dribbling with a much needed +6 increase in Composure, and +7’s on Passing and Physical. I definitely think that with those upgrades, especially the right upgrades in key areas, he will be a next-level ST with just top-class finishing and insane dribbling.

10/10, beautiful card.

Trophy Titans Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish – 94:

King Kenny is officially back on top. +2’s and 3’s across the board for Dalglish, but what’s really enticing is the 5* skill moves upgrade. He was already amazing on the pitch, but with these upgrades, he’ll be bursting through defenders and scoring goals like it’s nothing. His physical is lackluster, but aside from that, what an unreal card.

10/10 for King Kenny himself.

93 Rated Trophy Titans Lampard
94 Rated Trophy Titans Lampard

Frank Lampard (Objective) – 93 & Frank Lampard – 94:

This Lampard objective is a bit of a disappointment. Although it’s miles better than his prime icon, with a +8 pace upgrade and +2’s and 3’s across the board, it just doesn’t seem that good of a card to play with, and with end-game players coming real soon, he’ll just eventually be fodder for SBCs.

If you are looking to complete him, check out our article on how to complete him efficiently.

Lampard’s 94 card is a different story. A 4* skill moves upgrade and compared to his 93, +3’s across the board, +6 in strength, and +5’s in agility and balance. This is more like it. Not only is he more solid as a box-to-box midfielder than his objective card, but he’s actually useable. Stamina is important for a midfielder, and with 99 stamina, he’ll be running up and down the pitch when you need him to. Although his upgrade isn’t crazy or over the top card, it’s definitely a fun card to use.

5/10 for Lampard’s 93, solely good for fodder.

8/10 for Lampard’s 94, a much better card.

Trophy Titans Vieira

Patrick Vieira – 93:

The midfielders that are being released in this week’s promo is an absolute beauty. Vieira received a 4* weak foot upgrade and +2’s across the board. Same with Ronaldo, not much needs to be said with this card, hence why their icons are always so expensive in FIFA. All I can say is – Insane.

10/10, worth every coin spent.

Trophy Titans Blanc

Laurent Blanc – 93:

Blanc was amazing for me as a CB. 6’4 and has the right body type, making him feel solid at the defensive line. However, what makes this TT version different is not only can it play in CB, but can play CDM, CM, and CAM? He can play anywhere on the pitch, although I highly recommend not using him at CAM. I mean sure, no weak foot or skill move upgrade is a bummer, but his position change makes up for it. He’ll be unreal on the field no matter his position with his stature and I definitely plan on using him in my team, better believe it.

8/10, crazy card due to position change.

Xavi – 90:

Similar to last week’s promo, some of the higher-rated icons also received lower-rated versions of themselves and were considerably worse than their better card. This week’s promo is the same. Nothing special, just a mediocre card, which at the time of writing his article, he is already fodder price, and rightfully so. He’s just not a card that you’d want to use in your team.

4/10, not good.

Lampard (Objective) – 90 & Lampard (Objective) – 86:

I am grouping him together, once again, to show that they’re the exact same as their Prime and Baby Icon card, just a different design to it while also being able to complete as objectives. I assume no one is going to use these cards, but rather use them as fodder, which is the only viable option.

2/10, fodder cards.

Kenny Dalglish – 89:

Similar to my explanation with Xavi’s 90, this version of Dalglish is also just fodder, which is something I never thought I’d say in my life. This card is definitely useable, and still a decent card to play with, sure, but it’s a bit behind the power curve, thus why he’s dropped to such a low price.

4/10, not the right King Kenny to pack.

Trophy Titans Owen

Michael Owen – 88:

Seems like EA added a lot more of these lower-rated cards to the lineup to trick people into thinking they packed the better version, which is a bit cruel of them, but kinda funny. This version of Owen is most definitely going to be fodder price, as there’s just nothing special about him.

2/10, only good for fodder, unfortunately.

Trophy Titans Team 2 Heroes

Diego Forlan – 92:

Right off the bat, this card looks insane. However, once looking more into his stats, he only received +1’s across the board compared to his WC Hero version. Nonetheless, this is still an insane card. World-class finishing, great dribbling and pace for a ST, most definitely worth the coins.

8/10, absolute monster.

Joe Cole – 90:

+2’s and +3 in Physical for Joe Cole, but a bit underwhelming. His shot power and long passing hasn’t had a massive increase, which is imperative for a winger, but other than that, his stats are fine. He’s a solid card, but he just needed a little more “oomph” to make this version top-tier.

6/10, solid card.

Claudio Marchisio (SBC) – 89:

Not worth your coins. Simple as that. Although I can say from experience that his WC Hero was class for me, I expect his TT version to be the same, but if you’re rich or have the fodder to do him, don’t waste your time trying to craft him. Only +1’s and 2’s with no SM/WF upgrade is disappointing, and for the price he’s at, even more of a let-down.

4/10, a solid no unless you’re a fan of him.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – 89:

A 5* skill move upgrade for Solskjaer is amazing, and on top of that, he has received +4’s and +5’s across the board, with a well-needed +5 boost in balance. As a pure striker, he just looks unbelievable. Top finishing and shooting, and decent enough pace to give him an edge against defenders. I assume he’s going to be cheap, and if he is, he’s well undervalued.

9/10, solid card at a great price.

Jerzy Dudek – 89:

As with all goalies in this current FIFA, they’re a hit or miss. I presume Dudek to be the same. Reactions are very important when it comes to GK’s, and with Dudek having an 84 in reactions and +3’s across the board, I expect him to be… Not special. The bottom line is – If you need Premier League links, use this card. If not, there are better options for goalkeepers out there.

5/10, good only for links.