Price Explosion of Cornet

FIFA 23 Millionaire #8

What happened?
On December 17th 2021, EA released Zaha Winter Wildcard SBC. He had great stats for his price and was very popular to complete. Once he dropped, Rulebreakers Cornet started to rise from a starting price of 80k to around 125k very rapidly. It was a healthy profit if you bought the card soon after the Zaha SBC dropped.

Why did it work?
The fewer really good links a card has, the better they are for short term link investments. In this case Cornet was the only decent strong link aside from Icons and PL Heroes, therefore he worked pretty well.

For you to make good proft in these situations, you always want to be one of the first people to buy the card. However, before you start buying, you need to make sure that it fits the criteria of a good link investment:
- Is the new SBC going to be completed by a lot of people?
- Is the SBC card hard to link (are there very few possible options that have strong links)?
→ FUTBIN is a fantastic tool here as shown below.
- Is the strong link in a similar price category than the SBC card itself? This is important, noone will link.a card with a value of 3,000 coins to a new SBC valued at 500k
- Has the card already rise with other strong links in the past? (best case but not necessary if there were no similar cases previously)

If the answer to all the above is yes, it is a strong signal to buy the link investment as fast as possible before others have the opportunity to do so. Normally the hype around these type of investments hit their peak 5-10 minutes after the SBC comes out. That’s usually the prime time to sell them. Sometimes the rise may continue even longer (for example Cornet stayed high for a few days). Remember it is always safer to sell quickly and take the safe profit as after such a quick rise there usually follows a drop too and you want to sell before that happens.

What can we learn from it for FIFA 23?
The chemistry system for FIFA 23 has completely changed. Direct strong links do not exist anymore. However players from same club and nation are still very useful to get stars for your players (the new chemistry system). How that effects 'strong link investments' is something we will have to monitor once the game gets started and we will have to learn and adapt. Our expectation is that strong link investments will still work, however positions will not be as relevant.
As example, in FIFA 23 if Cornet gets a right back card and Zaha drops again as a left wing SBC. In FIFA 23 links no longer exist and Cornet would help to give Zaha stars even as a RB.

Once we have learnt more about the impact of the new chemistry system, we will post this in the Discord and discuss this when the SBC drops on the 6pm voice calls.